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Travel Agency Program

The Enterprise Services team to manage key workflows for our Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP). The Codex, a website that contains news about travel bonus programs. And you get full access to the AAA travel agencies for personal service. Travel planning and booking for complex trips of the travel agency. Capturing customers at all stages of the travel lifecycle:

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Expedia CruiseShipCenters is part of Expedia Inc. and provides a comprehensive range of home travel agent productivity solutions for travel agencies looking for a hostage company to book cruise and other holiday travel.

If, for example, you're looking for a movie, we'll use your searching information and your locations to show you the most popular theaters in your area. As with Eid, our affiliates can also show you advertisements that they think are in your interests. Find out more about how Oath gathers and uses information and how our affiliates gathers and uses information.

Choose "OK" to allow Eid and our affiliates to use your information, or "Manage Options" to check our affiliates and your decisions.

Leading global travel portal

BELLEVUE, Wash., October 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Travel Weekly presented its Silver Magellan Award 2016 to Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP), the world' s premier travel agent program devoted to the delivery of travel services to travel agencies, in the Online Travel Services award ceremony.

Magellan Awards recognize excellence in excellence in design, merchandising and service across a variety of industries, such as hospitality, travel destinations, cruise lines, online travel solutions, airlines and airports, travel agents and agencies, tour operators and ground transportation.

Expedia TAAP currently operates in 30 different markets and has more than 50,000 travel agents worldwide.

At Expedia TAAP, we dedicate our work exclusively to the travel industry and are committed to giving travel agents what they need to succeed in today's market.

As a result, U.S. Expedia TAAP provides the necessary product and service to meet the travel agency's travel requirements. Through Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. for NASDAQ (EXPE) is the world's biggest travel agency, with an expansive global travel agency franchise, including some of the world's top travel companies, including...:

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