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With our Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (Expedia TAAP), you can access the entire spectrum of EPS supply. TAAP into your potential. Please click on the provider below for instant access to its travel agency portals. In order to register, please visit www.expedia.

com/taap. Expedia Affiliate Network SEO Director, responsible for SEO and Social Media.

Expedia today introduced a new Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) provision scheme for travel agencies named Dynamic Comission. The company is already successfully active in several of the world's major financial services centres and will be integrated into all major international financial services networks in 2018.

The Expedia says the solution gives agencies the agility to optimize their selling and make more, as well as full visibility into how much they will make on each reservation.

Do you have an agent working for a client or distributors? The Dynamic Commision replaced the Expedia TAAP hospitality fee collection scheme, which provided a single, multi-stage fee collection scheme. Pre-paid hostels were attracting the highest commissions, post-paid hostels the cheapest and GDSs the cheapest.

Some differences existed between the world economies in real percentages, but in general 10-11% deserved postpaid, 7% postpaid and 2-3% GDSs. In particular, the Premium Plus layer allows brokers to participate in the upward trend where Expedia hotel rates are higher.

Looking quickly at the 33 worldwide pages of the site, it appears that the new classification at Community stage already exists at all locations. For the four grades, the values range from 11%, 9%, 7%, 3% to 10%, 8%, 6%, 6%, 3% according to the respective state.

Expedia PartnerSolutions Expedia partner Diego Pedrani, Diego Pedrani, commented: "Our new vibrant pricing scheme is designed specifically for fee based feed-back.

You have a good record in the agent base for the level of commission on programmes and the timeliness with which you pay commission. The Dynamic Kommissions business is currently successful in Australia, the USA, Canada and the main continental market.

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