Expedia Travel Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Expedia Travel

The Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program allows travel agencies to earn commissions when booking through Expedia.com. NB: This is a guest article by Martin MacDonald, SEO Director at Expedia Affiliate Network, which deals with SEO and social media. I' ve noticed that Expedia offers an affiliate program for travel-related websites. The online travel market never stands still.

Expedia, Inc. Affiliate Program

The Expedia program gives you one-stop shopping for Expedia.com and Expedia.ca travel agents, great airfare, hotels, vacation package tours, cruises, rental cars, and services: more than 140,000 accommodations worldwide, more than 500 travel partners with airlines and hotels, up to $500 off by combining airfare + accommodation, and no single-flight reservation charges.

Reservations and closed visits are summarized every working days for the preceding day's operations. The reservation will not be subject to any provision until it has been approved as a complete sojourn. Expedia.ca does not charge fees for prefabricated holidays.

Evidence of travel completion must be provided by the client to allow the crediting of all sales of cars in excess of $5,000. In this case, all cases of transaction classified as cheating will be cancelled and commissions will not be payable to the publishing house.

With our technologies that work across websites, applications, and community networking platforms, you can concentrate on your core businesses, make more money, and eliminate the burden of maintaining multiple partner programmes.

Notice of Expedia Partner Program for Travel Agencies

This program enables travel agencies to gain direct contact with Expedia's worldwide stock. BELLEVUE, WA - May 6, 2010 - Expedia today unveiled the start of the industry's first Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP), which enables travel agencies in the United States to leverage Expedia's worldwide portfolio and generate commission for hotel, package and activity services.

In order to become a member of the programme, travel agencies can sign up on-line at Expedia.com by following the Travel Agency Account links in the bottom of the website.

Partners enjoy the same quick and easy website features as Expedia users, allowing them to research, schedule and schedule the best possible travel for their users while receiving commission.

Representatives who register before this date will have the opportunity to receive an increased provision on tailor-made bookings starting before 30 August 2010. Starting in July 2010, affiliates can join the program for a one-time $50 subscription. Expedia's Travel Agent Affiliate Program was first introduced in Italy in 2002 and has since grown to include the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Currently, the program has more than 8,000 members around the globe.

Expedia.com is an operator of Expedia, Inc. Both Expedia and Expedia.com are either trade marks or service marks of Expedia, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Expedia and Expedia.com are protected by international copyright laws.

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