Expedia Taap Program

The Expedia Taap Program

Bookings registration, premium programs management, etc. #ExpediaTAAP is pleased to welcome you as a premium member of Travel Gossip. What: Expedia.com recently released the latest version of Expedia's industry's first Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP). Why become a member of TAAP?

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"Our fees are highly competitive." TAAP Expedia

Since its introduction here in 2010, Expedia TAAP has recorded continuous year-on-year annual expansion of the number of Canada's foreign branch offices.

Which good things do you get from TAAP agent about TAAP fee rate? What is one of the greatest advantages for an agent who wants to log in with Expedia TAAP?

Meanwhile, Expedia has launched its new fidelity program, Expedia+, in Australia and New Zealand. Agencies using Expedia TAAP can now sign up for the award program and collect Expedia+ points for a variety of itineraries. "Agent earns two points for every dollars they spend on hotel, package and activity," said Stuard Udy, TAAP program Australia and New Zealand.

These points can be cashed in at a later date for hotels and flat rate reservations. Does it make a big deal about bad ratings? Recent studies have shown that consumer ratings of hotels are hardly relevant.

Ponant's oldest boat and his newest boat have been caught and are cruising the streets! Would you like to know which operatives are on duty?

Travel Weekly Magellan Awards Silver for Expedia TAAP

BELLEVUE, Wash., October 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Travel Weekly presented its Silver Magellan Award 2016 to Expedia Motion Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP), the world''s premier online motion agent subscription program, in the Online Motion Services section.

Travelling Weekly was awarded and evaluated several hundred worldwide contributions by a jury of industry-leading travellers.

In the October 19 edition of Traveller Weekly, the Magellan Award winner will be featured, as well as on www.travelweekly.com. "It is our goal to help and encourage the entire corporate traveller community," says Linda Lossing, U.S. director of Expedia travel agent affiliate program.

"Every single working day we want to give our agents the help they merit and are proud to be recognized by Tour Weekly." At Expedia TAAP, we dedicate our work exclusively to the corporate traveller market and are committed to giving travellers what they need to succeed in today's highly competitive world.

As a result, U.S. Expedia TAAP provides the necessary product and service to meet the needs of tour operators. All about Expedia, Inc.Expedia, Inc.Expedia, Inc.

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