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Where can I get help with a problem with a provider (e.g. VAX, Expedia TAAP, Agent University, etc.) such as login access or a booking error? Describes how to book transfer services on Expedia.

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Expedia's Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) allows brokers to say yes to every client and offers a variety of unrivaled choices at the best prices!

Expedia's Affiliate Program Traveller Agent (TAAP) allows brokers to say yes to every client and offers a variety of unrivaled choices at the best price! Expedia TAAP members get immediate entry into the world's biggest on-line trip databank and can charge the same incredible low price as Expedia's consumers website.

The Expedia awards agency for their involvement in the partner programme. In addition, brokers can generate even higher commissions on Expedia Special Rate (ESR) hotels, car rentals, and activities by meeting fixed quarterly and yearly sales goals.

As soon as the enrollment has been accepted, the Expedia TAAP agent will forward a full enrollment form to the Expedia TAAP representative and the agent will be set to launch.

The Expedia is one of the nation's premier tour operators, and with good reasons. Providing everything travellers need to research, plan and buy their customers' holidays. Expedia's compelling ecosystem of worldwide global tour operators and service providers gives affiliates instant online visibility to one of the widest selection of tours through its US website.

Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) is a department of Expedia exclusively devoted to foreign agencies.

The TAAP is developed to give tour operators all the necessary tool to offer their customers competitively priced and complete solutions. The TAAP Group is a multinational company serving tens of millions of travel bureaus around the globe.

What makes you a member of the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program? This way the customers are satisfied and the agent has the possibility to make better comissions.

Representatives spend less with Expedia and more with customer services.

Expedia's only acceptable means of paying is by using a debit cards, so your website transaction is secured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding standard.

As soon as the sign-up is approved, agencies receive a unique trace key for their agencies that allows partners to make reservation, follow booking and receive commission. For more information about the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program or to become a member, please go to their website at http://access.expedia. com/Home/TravelAgentOverview or call us at (914) 630-8905.

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