Expedia Taap Agent

The Expedia Taap Agent

Jonka matkatoimisto on jo TAAP-ohjelman jäsen? Unlikely alliance between agents, OTAs as Expedia. The Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program gives you access to the following offers and large commissions for booking Expedia online products. No TAAP member yet? To start, click "Register for TAAP".

"Expedia TAAP is continually adding new extensions to the programme that not only enhance the usability of the TAAP platforms, but also deliver relevant information to our agency partner companies that can help them expand their business," said Linda Lossing, US Director of Expedia's TAAP programme.

TAAP's new Be In the Know e-blasts inform agent in anticipation of forthcoming US Expedia hospitality deals. New Search by Map function allows agent to search for nearby properties, while agent can find nearby properties more easily.

Whilst many tile and grout dealers see Expedia as a rival rather than an alliance, Mr Losing points out that the TAAP programme was designed to help agent conquer a greater proportion of OTA's product range and pay up to 10 per cent commission on hotel accommodation. Mr. Losing said US TAAP agency involvement includes tour operators, retailers, hostages and domestic tour operators.

Founded in 2008, TAAP has been available to US representatives since 2011. Currently, Expedia said that 12,000 US agency companies are participating in TAAP.

Tonight in APIs: The Expedia API was introduced to help travel agencies access the inventory.

Expedia's new Expedia Application Programming Interface is at the core of the Travel Agent Affiliate Program. Ai Weiwei, a painter and artiste from China, shouts out the name of over 5,000 people who died in the Sichuan quake and divides the record into a data set used in the Hackathon. Microsoft also introduces a predictive learning tool and the Zimbabwe EcoCash-API is launched.

EXPEDIA has started an application programming interface (API) for its Traveller Agency Affiliate Programme (TAAP), which started in 2010. TAAP, as the agency said, provides a number of utilities to adjust routes and include additional services fees:

More than 40 country coverage, more than 240,000 hotel and 400 airline facilities. Ai Weiwei, a China based artiste and campaigner, had given a record of his outburst of the 5,385 human beings who were killed in the Sichuan 2008 quake as a record.

Furthermore, an arts space co-financed by the BBC and the Art's Council was created named The Space.

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