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The TAA Decision 55962

On 9 November 2004, IAC/InterActive Corporation, Bellevue, Bellevue, a company travel customer, launched the inquiry. a relocation of the manufacture of an item. worker. for TAA, the worker cannot be certificated for ATAA. own affiliate of IAC/InterActive Corporation, Bellevue, 1974. Submitted in Washington, D.C. on December 9, 2004.

EXPEDIENA about traditional agents, ota's working together

We turned to Expedia so that their staff could reach out to the agency fellowship, just as we did at Orbitz when it advertised its agency programme. Here is what Greg Revelle, Expedia's VP of Global Digital Communications and Digital Communications, had to say. Since the mid 19 th centuries travelling agencies have been an established part of the tourist industry.

Wherever travellers in Europe needed help to get to their own countries, they turned to professionals who had been there. Whilst this key feature still exists, the agency business has developed considerably since then. Expedia.com is of course a newer generation that began in the 90s as a more resilient, web-based option to the conventional tourist agency.

Expedia's missions are the same as those of a Nineteenth C. operative. The Expedia has a profound appreciation of the importance that tour operators attach to disseminating information, experiences and service to the travelling general public. Expedia has a strong focus on the importance of the information and communication that they provide. Expedia's ascent also led to the feeling that the business would efficiently de-intermediate the incumbent agency.

For almost nine years, Expedia has been working with tour operators, from Europe to various different countries. The Expedia was the first on-line agency to provide programmes developed specifically for the agency through our Traveller Affiliate Program (TAAP). Expedia and TAAP have built a successful relationship through TAAP.

It offers items that are needed by tour operators. Expedia's stock is the best in the business. Working with more than 110,000 hotel operators around the world, Expedia offers more choice than any other on-line or off-line operator. We offer our clients highly competetive fees with TAAP. At the top end of the sector, Expedia is paying 10 per cent for hotel accommodation, up to 5 per cent for package tours and 10 per cent for tourist attractions. Expedia is also paying for its services in the form of a "special offer".

Expedia provides extra incentive for the highest-volume and fastest-growing partner. At Expedia, we pay our clients immediate fees on a monthly basis. That'?s cash an agent can rely on. The TAAP also provides excellent services and supports through an exlusive line of assistance to tour operators. It is not an off-shore facility, but is managed by U.S.-based technical assistance staff.

In order to do this, Expedia has teamed up with Travelenergy, a firm that provides worldwide agency and assistance to the tourism sector and has years of working relationships with agencies. Travelenergy Chairman Michael Fisher said: "We recognise the importance of having agencies throughout the sales cycle and Expedia TAAP has provided its subsidiaries with the necessary tool to make their customers satisfied and eventually generate higher revenue.

" The TAAP is adaptable. You can pay either with the traveler's own bank account or with the agency's one. TAAP requires no down charges or complex schedules - purchases are made on-line on the date of sale. Participants can create extensive customized reporting based on their needs. You may or may not be equipped with the Expedia trademark.

EXPEDIENCE doesn't come between the operative and the traveller. We' re a source for the operative. It is not a direct approach to the customer - it is important that the agency maintains this relation. It' s our politics to focus solely on the spy. The Expedia Call Center guideline requires that we only obtain changes to itineraries from the agency (with acceptable exception for emergencies).

Accentuation of simplification also applies to the CATAP interfaces. Provides the most effective travelling tool. The majority of agencies are already comfortable with the Expedia system, which requires no schooling. Expedia also regularly provides affiliate members with a newsletters with hints, specials, promotional materials and useful resources to help members help them deliver the best possible customer experience.

Established in Italy in 2002, CATAP is a company that has been operating since then. At the beginning of 2010, Transaction Accounting and Audit (TAAP) was introduced in the United States. Prior to arriving in the United States, more than 8,000 agencies and more than 20,000 agents/bookers had joined Transaction APA. Given the magnitude of the US and the needs of local tour operators, the US has been a logical adaptation to TAP.

More than 700 agency companies, among them more than 3,000 agent companies, have signed up since May. Over 25 per cent of these operatives were actively involved. See immediate dividend payouts through the use of Expedia's unsurpassed stock and dedication to customer satisfaction. expedia provides a wide range of hotel, e-package, car and other related products with competitively priced rates of commission. We have designed the programme to give our sales representatives every tools they need, so they can do what they do best: serve their customers.

Why a tourist agency would work with an apparent rival is an evident and frequent one. In Expedia's view, the continued development of the tourism sector, especially in this challenging business climate, should encourage all stakeholders to strive for effective and dependable ways of distributing and servicing.

Expedia's successful worldwide CATAP is based on this faith. As a result, agencies can expand their businesses, concentrate on the sale of the best tour packages at the most competitively priced rates, and take full benefit of Expedia's sophisticated tool set. In the end, Transactional Aps agent earns more commission and keeps their customers satisfied.

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