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The TA is a separate public corporation, but Expedia owns shares of it. Not a charity, Expedia Cares. Some of the best articles we've found about online reputation management, OTA and social media: TripAdvisor Insights & Travelocity & Expedia Agreement.

*TravelTuesday Roundup * Cruising Speed, Expedia and TA Insights

Roundup: a collection of all the essential stories about the OTA, reviews, on-line reputations and community spaces. Last week's newshead was without a shadow of a doubt Travelocity's statement that the company will be outsourcing most of its activities, from conducting search queries to handling reservations to providing Expedia with client assistance.

Sabre's own travel agency, Sabre, has entered into this contract in response to fierce competitive pressure in the field of on-line bookings.

According to Tnooz, kayaking is sending 57 x more visitors to the outer cities than to the brand.com pages. With the emergence of online community based online services and the increasing demand for online reviews, the way customers buy rooms has evolved. Pricing visibility has shifted away from the sector where pricing and UGC (User Generation Content) is available for free at the point of sale, when UTAs made it easier to benchmark room rates to evaluate it.

One survey looked at how customers use pricing and non-pricing information to make purchasing choices for hotels and identified five important takesaways for hotels. Interviews with a hotelier on how best to deal with surveillance and response to user-generated assets such as on-line ratings.

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