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The Expedia is the key to unlocking more bookings for your inn. Find out why returning to "Expedia Group introduces the Guest Insights tool globally". expedia partner central. Travel to your favorite destinations in Central and South America, the Caribbean and beyond!

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Registration is simple, free and gives you the opportunity to receive more than 675 million on-site visitors per month. Learn more about Expedia Group Lodging Partner Services. You are EPS partner?

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The Partner Central application gives you the tool and real-time information you need: Begin a discussion before your invitees get there, react to your visitors' comments when they get there, and keep track of their ratings when they go.

* No partner yet? Partner Central Application uses information for analysis, customization and merchandising.

expedia | New account setup - MyPMS Dokumentation

Expedia QuickConnect (EQC) makes setting up Expedia Partner Central fast and simple. Collaborate with your Expedia Market Manager to add the necessary setup information. Two Expedia programs are available for participation.

Expedia collects the fees due to Expedia on the front end of the booking. Expedia gives a guests warranty, but the Expedia collects the funds from the guests and then pays its own fees to Expedia after the booking has been made.

Nettorate - This is also known as Expedia's Merchant Model. Sale your rooms "wholesale" to Expedia by charging your standard rate negative net. You will not be charged a fee by Expedia on the back of your booking. But until you get in touch with us, Expedia will obtain the tariffs and availabilities from Expedia Partner Central.

After you have completed the registration and set-up process, see Expedia | EQC connection for step-by-step guidance on activating your link.

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