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Choose myallocator as your system provider in the Expedia Extranet. Log in to your Expedia Extranet. Expedia & Hotels. com provides answers from the state. Find the right Expedia Call Center Agent job with business valuations and salaries.

Customer Secure Login Page. maxiroom.

What is the best way to combine Expedia?

Then you have to agree to the terms in the shopping cart and click on "Add these channels". 2 - Submit the call from WOODOO / Channeels / My Channeels, you must click on the name of the channel: Expedia's hotel ID must be entered on the Expedia setup page and then click "Startup":

When you return to WOODOO / Channel / My Channel and click Booking.com to type on the config page, you should see that you need to choose the charges (commissions) that you have agreed with Expedia. These are different from those used for accessing as users in the Expedia Extranet.

When everything has been stored properly, you should see under WOODOOO / Channels that the gearwheels are running: The Expedia has 3 price models: Only the first 2 WooDoo devices are supported: Therefore, you need to configure one of the two options to be able to administer Expedia through the Channel Managers.

WooDoo will send Expedia the following restrictions: closedToDeparture. Please be aware that Expedia can manage the Min Day or Min Day together with the Arrivals Limitation only. If your Expedia Extranet accounts are preconfigured, you can specify whether the "minstay" is IMPORTANT: make sure you have the value of " MinStay" in your Expedia Extranet accounts properly adjusted!

Therefore, it is strongly advised to use the same kind of "MinStay" of the Expedia extranet under "Channel Preferences" of WooDoo.

This is how you set up the connectivity - Xotelia Help Center

Which you can administer from Xotelia : Availabilities, Prices, Min. stay, Max. stay, Checkin, Checkout, Checkout, Reservation inquiry. Login to your ExpediaPartnerCentral.com area and click Expedia Connectivity Settings. Expedia will send you an e-mail with three important elements:

Complete as many detail fields as possible, and include the name of the accommodation, EQC login and passcode. Optionally: If you are satisfied with the set-up, you can reprocess the link and access the room IDs from the Web Service page. Subsequently, please e-mail the Xotelia Technical Assistance staff to verify that your calendar is up to date and that we can continue with the synchronization.

We kindly ask you to e-mail us the details of the rooms on both Xotelia and Expedia. Usually the room name is different. It is also possible to specify these within the link style instead of the room ID. Continue to update Expedia until Xotelia confirms that the link is fully functional.

Remember: All your bookings must be typed in on Xotelia by hand. When you want to make the deactivation, please do the same and let Xotelia know so that both sides hang.

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