Expedia Agents Taap

The Expedia Agents Taap

" TAAP enables us to build a positive partnership with travel agencies. TAAP Expedia Travel Agencies Affiliate Program. " Expedia TAAP is a wonderful resource for our agency.


* ( To earn recommendation fee (commission), you must complete the Reservation Forms & Expedia Conditions page for each reservation. The brokerage charges for hotels at the default levels are based on the following: The above TAAP brokerage charges will still be payable on the full gross book value (GBV) of the TAAP guide to hotels purchased compared to net, which does not contain Tax.

The TAAP affiliate agency bookings page lists the full recommendation commission you earn for each affiliate agency account after you log in. This amount is not the agency that divides 60% of the commissions. This sum is the entire recommendation commission that Expedia pays for this posting.

180 of the $180 of the remaining recommendation commission(s) divided between the agencies and our broker. 60%/40% distribution: 60% to the partner and 40% to our office. 108 for the operative. In order to earn commission, you must accept and review the Independent affiliate agreement, usage policy and privacy policy.

BARTHOLOMEW: (TAAP). The TAAP provides advanced SSO, specialized management tool for agents, the capability to create custom routes for added services charges, and advanced reports. TAAP now also provides integrated programming interface (API) support for selected agents in connection with your own workflow.

"The TAAP shows Expedia's dedication to giving agencies a distinct advantage by enabling them to create additional revenues and grow their customer base," said Linda Lossing, US director of Expedia's Traveller Agency Affiliate Program. "It is the most effective and complete affilate channel in the business and we are delighted to make it available to agencies across the country."

The TAAP members have immediate acces to Expedia's comprehensive stock. TAAP was founded in 2010 in the USA and currently has operations in more than 40 nations. TAAP provides agencies with more than 240,000 hotel and 400 airline customers.

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