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Strategy is simple - buy a large number of hotel rooms with a high discount and market the site as having the lowest guaranteed price. Will the link work for agents other than Expedia? Expedia, Inc. and Priceline Group.com dominate the global online travel market as either agents or distributors.

Training program for new agents.

Expedia's agent program grows

Travelling agencies once saw ota as an adversary. However, Expedia for one started a five-year ago agency programme (Travel Agent Affiliate Programme TAAP) - five years ago to enter into a partnership with brokers. According to Linda Lossing, the program's US director, TAAP has seen fast growing activity over the past two years.

Expedia sees the programme as a way to engage with a reviving tour operator ecosystem, and for tour operators it provides a gateway to Expedia's worldwide assets along with TAAP-only deal and tool offerings, said Mrossing. Since 2008 as part of Expedia, in the USA since 2010. However, it is only in the last two years that we have experienced such fast affiliate expansion.

By 2013 we had about 12,000 agent registrations in the USA, by 2014 there will be over 14,000. Every agent is checked to make sure they are legit cruise pros. First, these are recommendations from actual agent associates. Advertising about the Expedia homepage. What should an agent want to sign up for when using the TAAP service?

On the one hand, the agent has direct contact with our stock. When a client comes to an agent and says that he can get a cheap Expedia room, the agent can quote the same prices. There is a route building service available that GDS allows travel agent to use. Once the agent logs in, they see these transactions.

These offers complement our In The Know programme where we ship e-brashs to our Transactional Alerts Management (TAAP) affiliates to alert them to promotional activities. We participate in agent meetings and work with ASTA, as well as accredited agencies, to support training courses and other education programmes. How much does Takap pay? Our service includes a 10% discount with improvements in volumes.

If an agent's deal is growing, we're growing, too. Are there many affilates who make regular bookings via TAP? Approximately 40% of our partners make a reservation with us at least once a month. When an agent is inactive for a year, we will call him to make sure he is still interested. How do partners make a reservation with us?

Which type of agent - in relation to their sizes and sales - are members of this group? In order to satisfy the needs of all, we need to provide tailor-made services for the agencies. In this way we also become more customer-oriented and use the best of Expedia's range.

How about the idea that Expedia, an OTA, is a rival, so agent shouldn't work with you? that we' re trying to take away the agent franchise. A way for Expedia to expand is to work with - not be competing with - our agencies. We do not save for example your data or your payment number.

The client is the tourist office. How about the notion that changes to a booking can be tricky for the agent and cause errors? Is there any new development at the TAAP? We also have reports that group the trips of people who may have worked with several agencies in a large one.

Improved coverage in general will give an agent a better idea of travelling habits and tendencies. Recently, we also launched Google Map, which uses Google Maps to look for real estate near where the agent is looking. Immediately the agent can see the price and distance of the accommodation from a town.

We' re also looking to extend a programme where our agent can quickly see how much revenue they would make on a reservation. How does the outlook for the future of the TAAP project look? It' s about offering the best technologies and combining them with client services. It is a consumer services area.

First and foremost by using our technologies, but with our own back-up services. The agent can answer the handset and call us at any time.

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