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Expedia Affiliate Network. Just join one of our affiliate network partners to get started: Just join one of our affiliate network partners to get started: Display location, sales, industry and description of Expedia affiliate network. Latest from EPS Show all the Expedia Group. The Expedia® Partner Solutions (EPS) brings the capabilities of the Expedia Group to tens of millions of partners around the globe.

Robust, scaleable and state-of-the-art technologies you can rely on for your company. Customizable solution, from programming interface (API) devices to front-end interface, designed to enable rapid conversion. Entrepreneurial grade, business-to-business backup and integrative service. No matter whether you create your own custom solution from our customizable APIs or opt for our pre-packaged reservation technologies, our solution is perfectly suited to enhance the value and depth of your client offerings.

Obtain assistance when you need it, and competent guidance on how to increase your tour selling. EPS is all about partnerships, from practical assistance with technological integrations during implementation to continuous assistance with market and turnover optimisation.

Most of our affiliates also profit from an affiliate partner who works closely with affiliates to explore new possibilities for our affiliates.

Inkubatoren hatch like crazy

In London, two Expedia Inc. brand names - Hotels.com and Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) - have started a mentor-driven acceleration programme for start-ups in Europe. Total winning hotel will get $10,000 in hotel.com trip coupons. Instead, business owners gain easy entry to Expedia Inc. otherwise difficult or expensive lives.

Applications program interface (API) and month-by-month gateway to hotel executives. com and EAN that can help businesses collaborate with government bureaucrats and acquire some of the engineering and best practice from one of the world's most succesful technologies firms.

This move is part of a continuing stream of trends from major tour operators, from EasyJet to the International Airlines Group, from Marriott to Travelport to Amadeus, developing income generators, accelerateers and other start-up assistance solutions. In the past, old tour operators have prevented participation in the launch group. However, it appears that more and more tour operators want to set up programmes where their team works with outside innovators to better understand how they manage their risk money and strategy investments, trade alliances and mergers and acquisitions.

Among the Risespezifischen Programmen geh├Âren Airbus BizLab, Amadeus Next, Booking. com's Booster, Cockpit Innovation Hub, Founder's Factory's travel practicalities, Jet Blue Technology Ventures, Flight Centre's Little Argas, Hangar 51 der International Airlines Group, Innovation Hub Lufthansa, Marriott's Test Bed, Plug and Play's Travel practicalities, SOSA (South of Salame) et InnoVel's Travel Tech Zone, Trave Innovation

Travelling has been a tricky business for business owners and investment firms because most individuals just spend a few trips a year, while killers usually start their business off with almost everyday manners.

In addition, the incumbents in the class are spending so much cash on winning customers that it can be hard to get in and get ideas - so any new mentoring programme should theoretically help.

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