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The Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) does not now offer air and car. Easy-to-install Expedia partner program WordPress Theme, which transforms a normal blog into an online hotel booking portal with extensive hotel content. Affiliate Network customer references for Expedia Itransition. Include your company Claim Your Profile; Enterprise Login.

Am I going to continue to be visible on Homeaway, VRBO and other Homeaway partners?

Partner FAQs for Expedia

Directly working with the real estate, we offer you our renowned full-service reservation centre and customer support while travelling. The Expedia Affiliate Hotel is commissioned by Expedia.

They will be offered on our website and through a special Expedia Affiliate Service Desk to complement our existing portfolio. Since Classic does not contract these properties, we cannot match the standard of Classic reservation centre or customer service expertise when traveling with you.

So why does Expedia Retail trade the Expedia affiliate products? We' re including the affiliate stock as an added advantage for you, our travel consultants. Our aim is to provide you with a wider choice of destination we currently ship to, as well as stocks of destination that are not stocked by Classics. This is a one-stop shopping solution for all your reservations and fees.

Maybe your customer travels to Germany with Classic and wants to spend a few more days in Cologne.

Where do I know if the selected property is Classic Preferred or Expedia Affiliate? Expedia Affiliate and Classic Preferred Accommodation are clearly differentiated on the website and on your travel route.

No, these properties are commissioned by Expedia, so we only sell rooms and prices that Expedia has provided.

We' ve learnt from many of you that finding unique hotel locations or making stopovers in non-classic locations can be quite timeconsuming.

Do I still get my affiliate referral fee? They are charged on affiliate and affiliate related services when the reservation is traveling, but Classics does not manage the agreements or the margin, so the fee is limited to 10%. Fees will be monitored and payed along with your standard classical reservations after the date of your trip.

Is Expedia Affiliate Accommodation covered by either Classic Waiver or TSP? The Classic Waiver and TSP are available at the Expedia Affiliate or Classic Preferred Hospitality through the on-line reservation machine or through the Call Center, without prejudice to any restrictions and conditions of use. Is my customer going to see a hint to "Expedia" in his statement or document?

Expedia Affiliate does not differentiate the customer's travel route from Classic Preferred Hotel. Every posting component fits into a smooth workflow. Each Affiliate will, however, clearly indicate at the time of reservation that it does not fall under the waiver or terms and conditions. Is it possible to book Classic Preferred and Expedia Affiliate properties together?

Expedia Affiliate Programs are developed to help you travel to places where you may need a choice outside of Classic's favorite hotel locations.

You can only book one room per route on-line at this point. Is it possible to make "Options" with Expedia Affiliate hotels? Yes, unless the rooms/prices of the respective Expedia Affiliate Hospitality requires immediate purchasing or are marked as non-refundable, the hotel's terms of payments will govern. Do I still earn Royalty Awards with an affiliate book?

License Awards are collected for Classic Preferred and Expedia Affiliate Hotel bookings and confirmations through Classic. Furthermore, you can redeem your Reward to buy Classic Preferred and/or Expedia Affiliate Hotel(s) booked/confirmed through Classic. Do I still get my wallet and papers when I book an affiliate item? For an Expedia partner, only the reservation; you only get eDocs.

Yes, for a reservation at Expedia Affiliate and Classic Preferred Hotel. Subsequent bookings and documentation are identical if the bookings contain Classic Preferred or Miscellaneous Inventories. Before traveling - Please call the Expedia Affiliate Desk at (800) 331-8221 [ during regular Call Center opening times ].

eDocs is bound by the valid rates of the partner country and the guidelines of the partner country are clearly stated on the account statement. However, since Classics has no contracts or relationships with Expedia Affiliate Properties, we do not have the same impact on properties you are used to when you book a Classics property.

Customer service may be below Classic standard, but is equal to or higher than direct bookings through the hotels or Expedia. Mail-Travel - Contact the central Classic Customer Service Desk @ (800) 243. Expedia Affiliate Service Desk - What is it? Expedia Affiliate Service Desk is manned by members of the Classic Customer Care Group.

Expedia Affiliate Service Desk is right next to the reservation desk in the San Jose area. Our call center agents are solely in charge of the sale of Classic Preferred Properties.

Is it possible to call my designated reservation agent at the Call Center to amend, modify or revoke a Classic Preferred Reservation for a reservation that involves an Expedia Affiliate Reservation? Furthermore, you can use your designated reservation agent for any reservation that contains Classic Preferred Hotels. May I make changes to Expedia Affiliate reservations before they are made?

Explanations and eDocs clearly indicate the partner hotel's guidelines. You do not have to do this if you wish to make a change/cancellation within the non-refundable deadline set by the partnertel.

Do I get Consortia Amenity when I sign up for one of my Consortia Properties through the Expedia Affiliate Programme? Is my information recognized by my agencies - do I get a voucher? Yes, we have a list of EAN properties available for you to use.

A table of all available EAN properties can be downloaded by going to our Tutorials & Guides page, and then the table can be found under the "Information" section.

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