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The Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN), "EN" Chain Code in Sabre, is part of Expedia Inc. Execute North American sales for the Expedia Affiliate Network. We are an affiliate marketer of Expedia in the interest of full disclosure. announced that it will be connected to the Expedia affiliate network this summer.

New API for Expedia Affiliate Network

With EAN Rapid, our affiliates have quicker entry to more than 400,000 competitively priced and available accommodation worldwide. EAN Rapid has been developed using the latest technologies and has a new module design that allows flexibility to accommodate the different needs of our customers.

Now, all extra functionality is implemented through firm plans for releases, which makes planning and implementation much simpler for our business associates in the near term.

It will also allow our affiliates to identify new accommodation being launched as the Expedia Group expands the volumes and breadth of real estate available through the EAN.

The EAN Rapid provides more than 13 million object pictures and ensures that over 85% of the pictures are available on a large scale. EAN Rapid is the ideal solution for the following applications

Travelgate, a specialist for integrating IT into tourism applications, has become the first EAN Rapid compliant solution provider to be awarded EAN Rapid certification. Comments Pedro Camara, Chief Executive Officer, Travelgate XML: "We are delighted to be the first ever EAN Rapid integrated into our system. Our EAN will be able to provide our customers with the EAN tariffs and availability more quickly than ever before.

Today's accomplished travelers are demanding more options to make their journey perfect for them.

Today's accomplished travelers are demanding more options to make their journey perfect for them. We' re pleased to be able to present you with the widest selection of new Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) hotel options. EAN's spectrum of contents comprises small chain stores, brand-free shop objects, airports, inexpensive hotel accommodations and service apartment complexes in more than 195 different locations around the world.

Of the many advantages for our agents, they win the capability to do so:

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