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Are you looking for an event marketing company with experience in event marketing? Our event agency can help you. Global Event Agency with offices in New York, London, Los Angeles and Singapore. Skip to ANA Masters of Marketing: Relationships are the focus of our activities as an event marketing agency. We look forward to helping you expand your event and make it a resounding success.

Event-Marketing - George P. Johnson

George P. Johnson's event marketing is based on creative thinking, driven by strategic thinking, based on expertise and focused on commitment. The use of multiple digitial and societal plattforms has greatly enhanced the value of face-to-face meetings. Today, most brand names see event marketing as an essential part of their marketing portfolios and deepen the relationship that has been established on-line, on device and through interactivity.

We are a world-leading event marketing firm that takes an end-to-end view of event strategy and develops uniquely compelling insights that deliver results. Our combination of this with logistical, manufacturing and design options in threshold and mature international economies is a key to our success. Find out more about our event marketing opportunities: Genuine brand and event engagements have one key benefit over other marketing efforts: commitment.

If an event really works, the conventional obstacles to marketing standards and communicating on-line are eliminated. This shortens selling times and increases the level of recognition of the brands. In addition, these experience is about establishing relations, the Holy Grail of marketing in the 21 st centuries. George P. Johnson combines the strategy and creativity of an event marketing agency with the on-site delivery capability of the world's leading event agency.

To reach these objectives, we have learned, adapted and perfected in the last hundred years. We have worked tirelessly to build global networks of imaginative strategies, digitizers, experienced design professionals, architect, engineer, writer and programmer. In this way, we can make sure that our customers get consistently multi-channel communications and a smooth continuity of event marketing service, including:

Event marketing's effect can be quantified in different ways. However, it also shows how after an event creativity can continue, generate exchanges, a greater online visibility, verbal propaganda and faithful people. Indeed, the actual effect of an event can never be judged in mere dollars expressions (although these certainly have an important role to play in the calculation of immediate ROI).

This is also reflected in long-term benefits, especially in long-term relations that continuously improve results, withstand competitors' progress and withstand current changes in the market. Permanent impact, enduring relationship and proven ROI - three threads that connect to create the common theme throughout our event marketing.

We have seen a change from bulk marketing to event marketing. If you want to be the creator behind phenomenonal and magic happenings for your brands, and we are here to make it possible. With our experienced event marketing experts there are no limits. If you are a marketer of brands you are only limited by your own fantasy and we will help you to be as fanciful as possible.

Using high-intensity, highly engaging, event-driven marketing, we engage your customers by addressing their five sensualities. Creating catchy and emotive links between them and your brands, creating loyalties and impacting buying choices. Inventive event marketing does not necessarily have to mean a huge, oversized show on the international scene. This is a personal time between the mark and a client.

Regardless of grandeur, however, event marketing means the same thing: creating value for your audiences in a very individual, participative and alwayssive way; we build brands enthusiasts, not just people. Finally, the most immediate way from a brand's products or services to a customer's spirit and hearts is when a client is confronted with a particular make and makes a deliberate choice to let it into his lifetime on the basis of the promised experiences.

Because our customers needed a more strategical way to solve issues through event and experience, we established the first ever event business strategies in the mid-1990s. A confirmation that in the heads of experienced marketeers who began to recognize the full power of event campaign integration, event marketing moved towards the centre of corporate identity management.

Now, our strategy and design practices, which are closely linked to our global creativity studio, help our client organizations save dozens of million dollars in budget each year, redistribute expenses toward higher return on investment, more effectively address and retain client relationships, and scale all of these efforts to unprecedented levels. Marketing specialists are strategies, regardless of whether they make a claim or not.

This is nowhere more the case than with the event marketing campaign, which requires more from its professionals than with any other marketing measure. Finally, the event marketing approach puts the franchise in close touch with the client like no other channels; it must therefore include corporate identity, creating the franchise experiences, producing flawlessly and managing the day to day, all with a focus on the target group.

Each event we design has a solid, fully featured event management system in place. That' s why our worldwide Strategic + Planing teams work with creativity professionals, technology specialists and manufacturing professionals on every turn. Our strategic focus guarantees the best possible results in the fastest possible timeframe with the lowest possible capital expenditure for our customers.

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