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The Earnings per Click (EPC) is a special metric that shows the average revenue for each click on an affiliate link. Key performance indicators are an important determinant for measuring the effectiveness of partner programmes. Percentage of clicks converted into completed transactions has a large impact on the EPC realized by an affiliate. More information about the EPC can be found in the [Support Center]. I started promoting [Merchant Name Here]'s program on CJ a few days ago.

EPC - what is it?

The EPC means Earning Per Click and is a good way to see which offering does better between two offerings with different paysouts. If you compare two quotes, one with a $36 withdrawal and one with a $40 withdrawal, it is a frequent error for an affiliate to think that the $40 withdrawal will be the better quote.

A $36 payoff quote A will receive 100 lead (s), bringing the affiliate $3,600. Now we can compute the EPC by splitting $3,600 by the 700 to get the EPC of $5.14. Quotation A with a $40 withdrawal will receive 70 lead bets, bringing the affiliate $2,800. Quotation the same number of hits were given to quote A, so we split $2,800 by 700 to charge an EPC of $4.00 for this quote.

So, according to the statistics, the Epc of bid A is $5.14 versus bid Bs EPC of $4.00, which shows that a bid with a higher payment is not always the better bid. This example shows that quote A makes the partner $1.14 per click more than quote A than quote A, which corresponds to an additional turnover of $800.

EPC allows the affiliate to know what his CPC "cost per click" has to remain below to make the promotion viable.

Profit per click (EPC)

Usually, this figure relates to the amount of income that can be anticipated per 100 hits on an affiliate hyperlink. Affiliate marketers often display this figure to help advertisers assess and benchmark the earning power of different vendors. The following is an example from the CJ Affiliate Dashboard:

But there are many good reason why the EPC given on an affiliate marketer's website can be much higher or lower than what a website actually realizes when the advertisements are placed. In an affiliate marketer the click from a publisher's website to the advertisers actually generates no income.

Thus, the percent of hits that are converted into closed deals has a large influence on the EPC realised by an affiliate. Whilst the EPC can be a useful measure for the comparison of affiliate marketers, it should not be the only number considered by advertisers. In order to demonstrate this point, let's assume you run a blogs about old automobiles and rate two different dealers.

This is dealer number one: Here's dealer number two: Being the first Hypothetical Trader (AT&T) has a very impressing EPC; for all 100 Klicks earning an Affiliate nearly $350. This is more than ten times what the second dealer has to offer. However, the relevance of the second prospective trader is much higher. In other words, the revenue from an affiliate branding promotion can be summed up as follows:

See the links in the ressources below for more proposals on how to correctly evaluate various affiliate marketings.

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