Envelope Stuffing Service

Inserting service

To receive full service bulk shipping in Melbourne, call Direct Mail. We offer everything from a single source for your shipping service. Do you need an envelope filled and shipped? Sares, Inc. provides shipping services for books, magazines, manuals and individual mailing requirements.

U.S. Postal Inspection Service investigates fraudulent postal practices.

mailing-related activities

We can do this for you if your printed product is to be sent to your clients. To give your document the look and feel it deserves, we imprint serial printed information directly onto your document. They are printed on plain sheet of newsprint. For colour imprints we use bright white hammer mill colour ink jet printers papers.

Our printing process uses our own industry leading desktop papers for our monochrome prints. Customers can provide special papers that can be used instead of regular papers. Post Mails print directly onto the envelope for #10 & 6" x 9", for 9" x 12" envelope the Post Mails is labelled and then the labels are attached to the envelope, see the serial letter price list above.

Simply folded (half folded)

The majority of print products can be creased with the Service Center's high production folder, but certain parts need the particular expertise of the manual labor team. Even many enclosures can be filled by machines, but if for any reasons manual filling is necessary, the Service Center's craftsmen will take over. The Service Center will evaluate the part in these cases to minimise cracks.

Butterfly folding: The piece of water proof tape is fed into the machine and the pulp is fed into the machine. Fanfold the document with two seams. Plate is pleated into three almost identical portions, with one plate covering it. Used mainly for self-mailing booklets or booklets, this size produces 6 complete boards that can be used for printouts.

Uses for: Mail, bank statement, invoice, bulletin, any 8.5" x 11" x 11 " sized envelope that must be placed in a #10 or #9 plain envelope. Similar to the pen folder, the piece of unfolded tissue is pleated with equal sized portions. The two pleats produce two external panelling, which are collapsed over the third central plate.

Suitable for: booklets, covers, explanations, suggestions, orders, anything that needs to be placed in a #10 or #9 envelope. Also known as the octahedral rebate, this kind of rebate is the leaf rebate. Halve the piece of newsprint in two pleats and then halve it again. There are 4 panel types in this area. This way, if you folder a leaf in 8.5" x 14" format, it will be placed in a #10/#9 default envelope.

Suitable for: self-mailers, newsletter, booklets, letters, explanations, offers, orders. In this kind of folding, the sheet is half-bent, twisted and then half-folded again. There are 8 panel created in this way.

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