Envelope Stuffing Etiquette

Insert filling label

For a long time it has been a debate at all label parties in which Mrs Cards etiquette takes part. Fill in your envelopes correctly to achieve a professional and elegant look. Inserting a card into the envelope seems like child's play - unless you send it to an etiquette fanatic. It is more to the wedding invitation filling etiquette than just inserting a card into an envelope. Be sure you have the right amount of invitations and envelopes.

Compilation of marriage invites

You ordered your nuptial invites, bought the shipping and sent the envelope - now what? However, before you begin filling envelopes, you will want to make sure that all the various wedding office items are in the correct order. Spend less and less waiting for your invitation (and more confusion!) by following our label guides to put your invitation together:

In most cases, marriage invites are arranged in the order of magnitude, with each of the cards revealed and the biggest one placed on the bottom. Begin with the invite ticket. When a piece of silk is inserted between each invite, it is up to you whether you insert it or not (traditionally the silk was used to avoid smudging the ink).

To add it, place the cloth on the invite paper. Then place the front face up marriage announcement on the invitations paper. Put the rest of the insert tickets - e.g. tickets or hotels tickets - face up on the receipt ticket.

In case the principal marriage invite is a folding map, insert inserts into the folding invite (not above). When using two envelope - an inner envelope (printed with the guest's names) and an outer envelope (printed with the guest's name and address) - insert the fully composite invite set into the inner envelope (left margin first for a singles match invite; fold margin first for a fold invite).

Allow the inner envelope to remain unlocked; when the lid is opened, the guest should be able to open and open the envelope without having to turn the cards. Kalligraphy is the traditional method used for inner and inner covers; if you hire a kalligrapher, you should bring your envelope (s) to him or her at least two to three week before you need it.

As an alternative, you can bypass calendar printing and conserve your precious pen and stationery dealer's printing your name and address directly onto them. When using only one envelope - an outside envelope - put the fully composite invite suites in the envelope (left margin first for an invite with a separate greeting coupon; fold margin first for a fold invite coupon).

Even when the door is opened, the guest should be able to open and open the invite without having to turn the cards. Apply a full envelope humidifier to moisten the rubberized edges of your outside covers; be sure not to use too much - you don't want moist, wrinkled covers.

Once you have finished sealing all the covers, place one or two books on the pile to make sure they are safely closed. Prior to sending your nuptial invitation, take a fully preassembled kit to the postal service and ask them to weight it so you know exactly how much shipping you need.

As soon as all your enclosures are sufficiently franked, we suggest that you validate them by hand-instead of putting them in a mailbox - this reduces the chance of your postal invites being corrupted. Find out here how you can formulate your marriage invites. Explore here thousands of styles for your bridal invites.

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