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And M&T is proud to be an authorized partner of Canada Post. Contracts consist of a variety of tasks that can include folding outgoing mail, labelling, enveloping, sealing, collating and more. Send your potential customers an advertising letter together with a notepad (filled into an envelope) by direct mail. You can even print a professional Canada Post mark in the corner to make it look more professional. But not every post has a standard size and not all materials fit in an envelope.

Canadian Post

And M&T is proud to be an authorised Canada Post affiliate. We take the headaches out of your direct email campaigns by making it easier for you to get it done. At our state-of-the-art facility, we provide in-house email ing solutions that enable us to help your business design and post the right format, prepare, sort, clean, fulfill, insert, stamp and track your campaigns.

Now your business can take full benefit of Direct Email without any extra effort. Being a Canada Post Expert Partner, we are familiar with the Canada Post rules for postal preparation and presentation. We can not only reprint and paste your next mailshot, but also get your post ready, clean up your data base, imprint your labels, pre-sort and ship your mailshot to a Canadian Post Office inductive inductor.

Allow us to help you with your next letter post, publication email or ad email campaigns. Using Unsaddressed Admail, you can deliver your messages to destinations without a client roster, so you can reach geographic areas in a matter of seconds. Non-addressed advertising is the most cost-effective way of advertising and can contain mailings such as cards, leaflets, brochures, vouchers, filled enclosures and much more.

Adressed Admail is the most common direct mail advertising technique and offers the opportunity to personalise your messages to certain people. Addressed Admail not only has a common objective and a common destination, but does not necessarily have the same contents, but must also contain one or more of the following points: With Publications Mail, you can keep in touch with your readership by distributing your publications to existing subscription and non-subscription customers, as well as new merchants, which helps you increase your print run.

In order to be regarded as Publications Mail, your publication: Letter mail is the most comfortable and cost-effective way to deliver your face-to-face or commercial mail, invoice or statement within Canada. Every article that comes under the usual sizes and weights rules can be regarded as letter mail and includes for example letter mail, picture mail, self-mailer, invoices, information on products and services, CDs or DVDs and more!

Cards are a cost-effective, non-invasive complement to your advertising campaigns. You capture the recipients' attentions and convey your messages without the potential client having to take further measures such as opening an envelope.

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