Email Marketing Affiliate Network

E-mail Marketing Affiliate Network

Which types of campaigns are running in the SmartResponse network? Prevent and monitor affiliate fraud in affiliate networks. This is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. Can we present your affiliate program? The Identicom affiliate network solution connects advertisers with publishers.

1. Selected affiliate program

Please click here to find out how you can put your affiliate programme on the number one position on this well-attended page. *Yes: As you may have already guess, the above is my two-tier affiliate links. The use of my two-tier affiliate links does not influence the amount of money you receive from this or any other affiliate programs.

I get my kickbacks out of the seller's reduction, not yours. Description of the partner: Egoi is an email marketing plattform that is so rugged that it works like AWeber on Steroids. You develop and deliver solutions for individual and corporate users who want a dedicated audience. It is a multi-channel marketing automatization tools that you have to see to believe.

They have an affiliate programme that will cost you every single months. affiliate commissions: Percentage of 33% repeat commission. Partner description: Over 350,000 clients in 182 nations rely on GetResponse, the world's simplest email marketing solution, which is now available in 21 different language versions. GetResponse has more than 15 years of combined expertise in delivering high-quality marketing tools that enable entrepreneurs to build and expand their business.

affiliate commissions: 30 percent repetitive commission. Description of the partner: The AWeber email marketing solution enables more than 100,000 small companies and organizations to build and deliver email that makes a difference to the way they interact with the world. And, by emailing those whom humans like, they are able to link with consumers in a way that promotes their bottom line. AWeber has since evolved into a dedicated email customer care force that focuses on empowering our clients to succeed with email - whether we are developing AWesome messaging solutions and capabilities or offering real-time training and assistance.

affiliate commissions: $50 even per sign-up fee. Description of the partner: Beginning with a penchant for designing and technologies that would help humans make digital connections, we collapsed and stood up many a time. Our mission is to help businesses develop and tell their story by email. Combining extraordinary individuals and technologies, we can provide organizations around the globe with the premier email marketing automization platforms to help them meet their objectives.

Affiliate commissions: Description of the partner: Identifying individuals who visit your website, analyzing their behavior on the web and their transactional information, SALESmanago creates full custom client profile. Machine Learning & AI algorithm and argumentation machine then processes this information to automate the delivery of fully personalised, proactive offerings and consumer experiences to the right audience at the right moment across all marketing channels. What's more, the system can be used to create a new, more personalised marketing message.

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