Eharmony Affiliate Program

The Eharmony Affiliate Program

Frequently, we run television commercials that have a positive impact on our online channels, including the affiliate program. Contact our customer service, media inquiries, success story dept & affiliate area. Learn more about our partner program. eHarmony's partner program is very popular with our existing partners and is open to all web and email partners. Participate in the eHarmony Affiliate Program and start monetizing your website. Affiliate Program Affiliate Program allows your web site visitors to search's on-line online dating services to help individuals find productive and sustainable connections. has contributed to bringing together tens of thousands of users using its Compatibility Matching System®. The program is perfect for marketing to individual customers who are disappointed by getting involved with disgusting clients or looking for romance in the wrong places. Affiliate Program benefits:

What can you do to profit from this program? Apart from making speeches in person and toxic bugs, one of the most frequent concerns in your live is that your on-line audiences may have to end up alone forever. On, people are compared with other single members who have been pre-checked for 29 dimensions of compatibility, giving them a high chance of matching.

Given that every eHarmony survey is used by tens of millions of people every year, your guests have a greater opportunity to land a capture of all the other species in the ocean. also offers free chat sessions for timid boys and girls to get them back into the game. EHarmony members can use the eHarmony Scheduler, join their live on-line chat communities and get valuable tips on how to have a prosperous date.

Harmony Affiliate Program

Affiliate immediately loses all fees from the injury from any source. The second infringing Affiliate shall immediately forego all earnings accrued from the calendar months of the violation and terminate the Program. The use of voucher code not sold by eHarmony violates the eHarmony Privacy Statement. eHarmony's website or services: triggered events such as " Get a date tonight 3. Any affiliate who plans to use pay per site or e-mail advertising must register for the program.

Publishing houses are not allowed to participate in deceptive activity to generate Lead. eHarmony does not allow you to manually enter or shape previously gathered Guides. No Publisher may advertise eHarmony on any eHarmony Affiliate Program without first notifying and notifying a member of the eHarmony Affiliate Program. No Publisher may offer any service other than the eHarmony Single-matching Product (such as Marriage, CompatiblePartners, or other eHarmony products) unless they have separately agreed to provide such service.

You may not use the eHarmony trade mark concept or any variant thereof within your domain(s). No publisher or third person may use the name, emblem or other mark of eHarmony ½s in any news item or publication. No publisher or third person may collect the data of an eHarmony signatory or subscription, whether by cheating or under the pretext of being an eHarmony partner (e.g. by frame or scrap the eHarmony website).

To the extent frauds or abuses are perpetrated by publishing houses or their affiliated companies as part of cost-per-registration promotions, the notifying and notifying party will work together to deliver make-up goods in additional to and without restricting any other legal remedy available to the notifying or notifying party affected by such frauds or abuses.

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