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Education Affiliates Inc. owns and operates a network of post-secondary schools in the United States. Dental American Partners - Aerospace Services - Dohmen Life Science Services - Education Partners - Medical Card System - MedPlast - Pioneer Bank. Executive Corporate Education Partner Program. Web site created for Education Affiliates Federal Credit Union by iPay Technologies, LLC.

" EA was an in-house vocational training company with fifty locations.

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The Education Affiliates (EA) program provides education programmes that provide genuine professional development in professions that result in job and lifelong individual development after completion. EA has offices in the United States and provides various care programmes such as Associate Degree in Nürsing (ADN), Practical Nürsing (PN), Bachelor of Science in Nürsing (BSN) and Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nürsing (RN-to-BSN).

Our health and medicine program participants are ready to perform assignments both in the workplace and in the clinic, and cover the basics of computer control, admin, and hands-on instruction using industry-standard devices. Throughout the course, they will be trained for introductory jobs in areas such as managing, recruiting, marketing, bookkeeping, economics and personnel departments.

We teach our alumni to make a difference by combining hands-on and situation-based experience in one of our professions or business drive programmes.

Employer Reviews for Education Affiliates (en anglais seulement)

Bad or no communications between managers and trainers. Senior staff do not provide instructor assistance. Teachers are kept in the darkness. There was no administrative backing, and it was all about meetingrics. Stand back and look at the purposes of EA and its subsidiary school. There is no supervision of the staff at the school, they spend the whole working week in their offices or are simply not there.

Leave the offices and mix with your co-workers and your fellow countrymen. Much PTO, except that you're being blamed for not meeting your objectives in the month you use them. There is no 401(k) game, no home working skill, and they perform with the shot on goal.

Affiliate Training Staff Ratings

On a Friday I was employed and was supposed to give a class to the seminarians on Monday - her guidance was online and as a department of hygiene she belonged to the Department of Hygiene and was very simple, like "how to get seminarians to help me get answers". A successful education facility with thoughtful instructors and employees who truly take an interest in the well-being of their fellow graduates and their results during and after their term of office!

Safety and well-being are taken into account. Many young and old pensioners worked there. I had 20 or more pupils on my whole afternoon for a 21-15 group. The pupils were tardy, early, unprofessional and careless in school. It was not possible for the study setting to be equitable for all pupils.

Educational Affiliates has a committed crew of educators and administrators who are truly committed to the pupils they are serving. Corporate property is much more interested in earning income with the federal government than in training college undergraduates. Syllabus was exaggerated for the pupils. While I was here, I made contacts with other college kids.

Also, the reception of incoming phone conversations addressed to a student raises issues and anxieties.

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