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Economy of the Web Hosting Industry (The True Truth)

Hosted businesses are largely like most others, where GDP determined how many individuals they can employ among other things to assist.

Many hosting companies will have mean manufacturing costs (servers in datacenters) of about 30%. When the business is still trying to expand (and hopefully it is), then another 10% or so will go towards selling costs.

With AdWords, offering a bid on a catchword such as "web hosting" can be up to $50 per click. Suppose you paid them $10 per months ($120 per year) for your Managed WordPress hosting.

What's different is that you don't pay them a pathetic $10 a months, and their supporter staff doesn't charge them nearly as much, because solving a problem with your mobile bill can be done by someone who earns $40K a year, and doesn't need a developer.

So if you give the hosting $10 per months ($120 per year) and a good system admin will cost $100,000 per year inclusive of advantages, how many clients do they need to just meet that one person? It' not 833, because 833 x $120 = ~ $100K.

A hosting organization can therefore employ a system admin who actually knows what he's doing for every 1400 clients for $10 a month. What is more, a hosting organization can offer its services for $10 a month. What is more, a system admin can be a great help to your business. Or, think like this, if 1,389 clients each paid $10/month ($120 per year), that's $166,680 a year in sales, and after the 30% COGS (server) and 10% market, the corporation has $100,000 available to meet a payroll inclusive services.

However, how can a system admin who can fix all the mad hosting problems that arise solve the engineering problems of nearly 1,400 clients? Thats not even the fact that a genuine shop has other expenses to use their total profits minus your advertising for things like explain: If you move to $20 a month, your maths will drop a little more in your favour, but it's still not great.

This would require about 700 clients to have the same system admin at this cost. At $50 a monthly, we still don't look so good with a 1 system admin per 278 customer relationship. You can see, until you get into the $100+ per months area, the economy is not even near in your favour, where you will have a sound relationship.

So, if profitability is not in favour of the client when he charges $10 a months, why do so many hosting providers do it? And the second is what we in the hosting sector call "churn and burn". It is when you have a paradigm that you know you are not loading enough with a lure and switching policy, you know that your client services will be horrible, you know that your audience will be angry, you know that you will be losing clients every three months, and you have your paradigm built to try to substitute those clients.

It' quite easy in hosting. So, when you think about purchasing for hosting, stop worrying about payment of the bare minimum and begin to think about what you are really purchasing.

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