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E-Commerce Web Hosting

The Best eCommerce Web Hosting Options. With OpenCart you have a fast, user-friendly and responsive eCommerce solution. Maps with simple website tools & geeky extras! A web hosting service that brings your website online so that others can access it. Thus many offers of different hosting types are quite confusing.

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Hosting isn't all the same, but.... When you' re in the e-commerce business, you need something more rugged and secure than traditional hosting offerings can provide.... We' ll be comparing three of our most popular e-commerce hosting options in this paper. We will discuss the functions they provide for on-line shops, the state of their supporting and safety system and their performances.

If you choose a web hosting for your e-commerce site, you need to be a little more selective than before. We' re not just referring to power - some hosting providers just provide more functionality tailored to e-commerce needs. For us, these are the most important functions to look for when searching for the right host: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate.

With SSL Certificate, you can protect your customers' information with additional encryption, and it quickly becomes the industry default beyond e-commerce. The ideal case would be to look for a hosting that will make the set-up easier for you. But if the hosting company works with Let's ENTRY - that's free - then even better.

IP address dedication is reserved for unapproved hosting services. This can be a little more costly, but a professionally run e-commerce site usually guarantees the costs. While there are many ways to create planned backup for each and every application, it's always great to have a web hosting company take charge of this for you.

An all-in-one hosting schedule includes periodic backup and offers easy recovery to you. It' hardly a breakthrough function, but it's still great to know that your hosting has its own personalized firewall setup. In this way, it can help keep you safe if your website is under attack from a Botnet or some other type of automatic door-to-door attack - to stop real people ( in this case your customers) from gaining access to your shop.

Downtimes are the material from which dreams of nightmare arise for every on-line shop. When you do not see a particular function in the section about the hosting ecommerce functions, that hosting does not have it.

We will also inform you if an important tool is only available for certain maps. However, we suggest that you do not make your selection on the basis of a mere function group.

In our second test, we looked at how our shop developed under some pressure - a simulated experience of up to 25 simultaneous users: ImMotion Hosting's e-commerce hosting plan is a good choice for small and new e-commerce businesses. However, at the end of the afternoon, you will probably want to expand to your more costly VPS plan as your business grows.

Rather than providing a unified e-commerce concept, SiteGround provides customized hosting for several large e-commerce sites. In addition, they provide a range of safety functions that go far beyond what you would normally have expected due to their low price. However, their e-commerce perfomance is quite good, they provide little scaleability (due to a restricted range of plans).

Our listing is rounded off by our hosting service, SRA2. A relatively unfamiliar web hosting service, it provides e-commerce hosting solution that supports most major platform such as PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento and WooCommerce. In terms of safety, they provide a number of functions for their pricing class.

It is a great all-round solution with a number of safety functions. Choosing the e-commerce web hosting will have a major effect on the entire life of your shop. It can affect the power of your website, its safety and the level of service you have with it.

So if you find it difficult to decide and benefit from these e-commerce hosting options, here is a straight forward side-by-side look at our experience: You can see that A2 Hosting remains consequently below (read: You are quicker than any other player), with the difference of SiteGround for Stockholm (which may make SiteGround a better option for an EU-based shop).

But before we finish, let's take a last look at the three e-commerce hosting options we've covered: An inexpensive small on-line shop offering a good service.

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