Ebook Affiliate Program

Affiliate Ebook Program

The program is free, easy to register and does not require any technical knowledge. Before I did fitness and dating, but now I have joined a massive affiliate program that lets you become an affiliate for them. Which types of affiliates are part of your program? I' d perform a Google search for the Guitar Affiliate Program or the Acoustic Guitar Affiliate. Participate in my ebook affiliate program and earn money without writing yourself.

E-Book sales - Join our ClickBank affiliate program.

Buy our e-books and make 30% on each ebook! Participate in our affiliate program and make cash by reselling our e-books through your website or your newsletters. Our books teach how to concentrate one's spirit, how to visualize creativity, affirmation, achievement, self-improvement and positivity as well as how to teach calm, distance, willpower as well as self-discipline.

So all you have to do is use your affiliate links from your website or your newsletters to refer to us, and every times someone links to your website, comes to our website and purchases an eBook, you make a 40% fee. We' ve collected everything you need to advertise our e-books and make commissions.

Simply click on the link above where it says "Affiliate Center" and you will find Banner, eBook cover, advertisements and e-mail mail. Sales and commissions for the following eBooks: Affiliate Program is administered by www.ClickBank.com, the biggest online retail store for online consumer electronics goods. You take care of all the detail, tracing and payment and also pay the fee by cheque, twice a months.

There is a processing fee of 7.5% + $1 for each sales, split proportionately between the seller and the subsidiary. All commissions that show this name as a publishers resulted from the sales of one of our e-books that was forwarded via your links. Don't forget to substitute 'AFFILIATE' with your ClickBank ID.

Many thanks for having joined our affiliate program. Simple to use program to increase your will power, self-discipline and inner power. Building will power and self-discipline.

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There' s no cost to hide - all you have to do is just put a specific hyperlink to your website or eBook, maybe put a flag or other graphics on your website (which we provide) and let the money come in! Can I become an Affiliate? The Plimus system is used to monitor and handle orders.

A Plimus affiliate does not have an affiliate yet, please register by completing a short on-line application to register. Once your inquiry has been accepted, you can use the following specific hyperlinks on your web pages or in your e-books: * user name is your Plimus Affiliate user name (do not type your ID here but your user name).

* U Username is your Plimus Affiliate user name (don't type your ID here, type your username). The Affiliate Account area gives you constant instant messaging of your profit and transaction information. The Affiliate Toolbox section contains a wealth of resources to help you realize the full value of your affiliate program subscription.

Your affiliate user name must be between the first occurrence of the '-' (hyphen) and the '.exe' (file extension). If your users are downloading software from your website, the home page button (in the home page / overview area) and the "Buy Now" button in their software products will be linked directly to your affiliate home page / order page.

Each month Plimus makes a payment to your bank account. The Plimus Affiliate Accounts section allows you to monitor the progress of your 24 -hour sale. Affiliate registration is free and available to any website owner. Complimentary for adding your own e-books.

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