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affiliate marketing with e-books is hot right now. Wellcome to our affiliate program! The Affiliate Marketing e-book is a complete solution to start with affiliate marketing and learn all the techniques to promote an affiliate product. Benefit from the advantages of connecting us with your readers through the affiliate program. If you start marketing your ebook on the Internet, you can dramatically increase your sales with an affiliate program.

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It can be a text based hyperlink, a flag or hyperlinks to items of special interest to your people. Participate in our programme (click here) and place a hyperlink to your website. Upon the client purchasing a security from our website, the acquisition is logged by Commissioner Junction, and as our affiliate, you earn a percent of the client's sales as referral fee.

Who' s Commissioner Junction and why are you hooking up our affiliate programme? Commissioner Junction is a leading provider of affiliate email programmes and offers its partners reliable third-party tracking, real-time reports and month-by-month fee checking for all our affiliate email addresses. As soon as you have registered for our programme, you can go to the website of Commissioner Junction to set up your own private and safe user area.

This is where you can always sign in to receive our flags and link lists, find out about our commission income, and find out more about your stats. Once you have registered, Commission Junction will e-mail you with your sign-in credentials and entry procedures. Sign in to your Commission Junction profile and select hosting on your Web site link (see below for more information).

At Commission Junction, you can login to your profile to review and click through your images. Once a month, Commission Junction will make the payment for your affiliate to the bank accounts or addresses you provide. Can I use which hyperlinks? There are a number of different types of banner that you can select via this hyperlink to our homepage or to specific topic pages.

Select between black or red background, motion, flash mode or fixed gif. Linking to text on certain topics is a good way to give your website added value. Now you can hyperlink to any of our subject areas and really direct your hyperlinks to your people. Our site uses dynamically linked content that allows you to interact beyond a single click.

Tapping our search tools, dynamically generated hyperlinks, Flash compliant hyperlinks, content hyperlinks, and more will help enhance your content translation. All our commissions are incentive-driven and work according to a graduated system. Levels are calculated on the amount of provision you earn in US dollar during a month:

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