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Latest tweets from eBay Partner Network (@eBayPartnerNet). eBay Partner Network (EPN) is eBay's internal partner program. In order to start your affiliate marketing, sign in to the eBay affiliate network page. You will then receive a set of tools to promote eBay. Luckily, this (fictitious) situation is very similar to the position of the Internet in the eBay partner network.

Find out about real reviews, proofs of payment, affiliate manager contacts and more details about the eBay partner network at.

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Over the years, the changes that have been made to both ebay and the Affiliate Programme have significantly diminished the chances of successful marketing for the legitimate merchant and all new "partners". ebay, you are not Amazon and never will be. Stay with what you are best at, give your rewards back to the genuine that worked and was honest with vendors, purchasers and distributors.

Go back to your inheritance. Goodbye and good luck now to the rest of you " partners."

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Review of the eBay partner network: For auction or not for auction?

Luckily, this (fictitious) scenario is very similar to the position of the eBay partner network on the web. If you look at eBay partner network ratings on-line, you'll find that half the web hate it and the other half are totally in love with it. What is really going on with the eBay partner network?

We' ll be discussing both the good and the not so good of the eBay partner programme and see if this is a practical choice for your online merchandising or not. eBay currently has over 100 million online shoppers worldwide and over 800 million offers. These general retailing website has every article you can think of for selling.

Every months you get your eBay referral fee as long as it's above $10. You will be charged a fee based on eBay's revenue for each transactions. So you get 50%-70% of what eBay gets (not a percent of the selling price). Differences vary by categories (with Parts & Accessories and Fashion giving you the highest possible commissions).

In addition, eBay also provides some interesting bonuses. If, for example, you referred a fresh shopper to eBay or reactivated someone who hadn't purchased anything in 12 month's time, you'd get twice the fee! Otherwise, the referral fee only applies to new partners. In the first three month new members receive twice the referral fee for all recommendations.

Customisable posters allow you to select how your advertisements will appear and which items will be displayed. Simply enter your query criterias (add filter like a keyword, a category or even a seller ) and the eBay eBanner will find the latest product (s) on eBay that will be presented in the crawler.

Currently there are 13 different eBay sites worldwide. So, if you use your eBay links to forward eBay from another location, do you still get a surcharge? eBay Partner Network provides you with a convenient customizable linking generator that sends your reader wherever you need them.

In addition, these hyperlinks are autotargeted so that the user is directed to the eBay site in their area. This way you won't loose any of your foreign commission! eBay has some specific functions for you if you run a website with particularly high levels of visitor numbers. The Product Feeds function allows you to gather information about eBay offers in large quantities and run them directly in your own data base.

And if you' are a developer, eBay can also give you easy acces to their application programming interface, so you can build your own application through the eBay system and grow your company even further. A wide range of different choices. More than 1,000 new Buy It Now offers are published every singleday in nearly every imaginable class.

There are no registration charges for new partners. Twice the fee for the first three month. Get more Traffic from your website and earn you better Revenues. You will always be redirected to the right site, and you will earn global referral fee without having to register for a seperate programme. Has to have a high level of qualitative trafficking to be allowed.

There have been complaints from some partners that it is hard to be acceptable, but websites with a good level of visitor numbers will not have to be concerned. When you refer visitors to an auctions, that auctions ends and your links lead to a discontinued item. These adjustments have led to some unrest among eBay partners.

The eBay partner network made changes to its price system in October 2013. As described above, this change involved changes to provision levels and the addition of a recommendation incentive for new buyers. From 2013, the cookie tracing time for both Buy It Now articles and auctions will be 24hrs.

This means that your recommendation must make a buy within 24 workinghrs for you to receive a provision. What is the procedure for this? Now, let's say you are referring someone to an auctions that ends in 10 business days. Auctions? He or she will click on your hyperlink and be followed by us from there.

When you place a bids on this sale within 24 hrs and 10 day later winning the sale, you will receive a comission. On the other hand, the issue that many partners have found is that it is unlikely that humans will be bidding on something until much nearer the end of the auctions. If your recommendation puts the article on your watchlist, but only bids 10 and a half business days later ( at the end of the auction), you will not receive any provision.

Following this amendment, some folks said that the eBay partner network was no longer a practical choice for affiliated marketing companies. In fact, although there are still many auction sales, there is also an unbelievable amount of Buy It Now articles for purchase on eBay. A lot of companies use eBay to resell their product and have a steady flow of Buy It Now articles for purchase.

By focusing on Buy It Now articles and auctioning that end within 24hrs, online merchants can still earn respectable eBayommissions. Final verdict: Is it worth signing up to the eBay partner network? Admittedly, the eBay partner network has its upside. Whilst 24-hour tracker cookie are not perfect, eBay balances this with many user-friendly functions that are advantageous for affilate marketing.

Featuring dual referral commissions, an unbelievable range of product sales, and help with ad and link creation, this partner programme has a great deal to offer. The optimization of their partner site with regard to adaptation to short-term tracing cookies means that partners can continue to make good use of the eBay partner network.

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