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Luckily, this (fictitious) situation is very similar to the position of the Internet in the eBay partner network. The first time I planned my series about creating an Ebay Partner Network affiliate site from start to finish, I didn't plan to take that step. The way it works - Get paid for the release of your beloved eBay offers. Latest tweets from eBay Partner Network (@eBayPartnerNet). eBay Partner Network (EPN) is eBay's internal partner program.

Find out about real reviews, proofs of payment, affiliate manager contacts and more details about the eBay partner network at.

This is how you register as an eBay partner

eBay had over 95 million live viewers and $62 billion in revenue in 2010. When you sign up with the eBay partner network, you have the opportunity to make some of these winnings. If you become an eBay partner network affiliated, you will be rewarded for delivering high value eBay website traffics.

affiliates can make even more profit by redirecting your visitors to their own eBay offerings. Participation in the programme is free, and eBay will accept most candidates with an entrenched, pertinent website. Go to your web browsers and browse to the eBay partner network website. Please click on the "Terms and Conditions" for the eBay programme links.

Opens the General Conditions page. Please review the page and then click on the checkbox next to "I have reviewed and agree to the eBay Agreement". If you wish to become a Half.com member, please complete this procedure again. Under eBay User ID, click Yes if you want to link your eBay Partner Network to your eBay accounts.

Choose either "Yes" or "No" to reply to the questions "Are you a member of the eBay Developer Program? On the next page, type your name, e-mail and telephone number into your account. This information is used by Ebay to recover your forgotten Ebay account number. Choose your prefered way of paying, either PayPal or bank transfer.

Once you have chosen PayPal, type in your PayPal e-mail adress. Once you have chosen to make a Pay To Pay transfer, please fill in your bankname, your router number and your number. If your request is accepted or rejected, Ebay will notify you by e-mail or telephone. Every day Ebay sends job offers to the partner network, so you may not get an immediate response.

from Tarrant County College.

The eBay Partner Network - Homepage

Over the years, the changes that have been made to both ebay and the Affiliate Programme have significantly diminished the chances of successful marketing for the legitimate merchant and all new "partners". ebay, you are not Amazon and never will be. Stay with what you are best at, give your rewards back to the genuine that worked and was honest with vendors, purchasers and distributors.

Go back to your inheritance. Goodbye and good luck now to the rest of you " partners."

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