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printBanner (input[, printfxn]) - use console.log() or customized printBanner to create banners. Be careful about the packaging!

eBanner Lite in the App Store

eBanner is an ultimative scroll blank app designed for the user. eBanner is great for saying something effective in loud places like stadiums, concerts, clubs and others. Simply touch the information key in the top menu on the upper menu bar to modify various options.

At ?, double-tap the computer to immediately modify your email. eBanner allows you to organize and view more than one news item with different styles. eBanner has a high-performance integrated news viewer. Simply enter your note. External output function of the LCD monitor. Featuring a sleek and easy to use user experience and various gesture options, you can organize your contact and make a call with ease.

? tweet banner: View your tweet like a picture framed with an exterior screen indicator. Modum/Modum Free: Modum is the simplest way to manage your groups of friends. It allows you to gather your friends, organise them into multiple groups and make them easy to use. The Modum can be used to transmit an SMS/MMS/Mail to a group of people.

E-banner advertising (12 June)

470 pixel large and 70 pixel high at 72 dpi. The work of art must be delivered by the last Friday of the last week of the calendar year before the booking of the Ezines. For example, if you want to order an e-banner in December Ecine, we must receive your money by the penultimate Friday in November and your artworks by the last Friday in November.

We use our own initiatives and the links to your home page if no information is provided, but we cannot be liable if this is not the desired information, if no detail is provided with your work. Caution: Dependent on what happens with a REP, the zine may expire at any point in the months, so we strongly advise you not to place advertisements with a booking/deadline date that coincides with the same months of the zine you are posting.

For example, if you post an ad for an eczine in May, please do not insert a rate or position ad for which the rate date or closing time is in the same monthly period (for example, May). Notice that we cannot ship goods until we have recieved your money, so if you have asked for a quote from us (only for orders over £60), this quote must be cleared before the goods can be shipped.

When your item involves on-line entry (which all AUSSER do for print only subscriptions ), you will be sent an e-mail upon receiving your money with information about your on-line entry, as well as any previous editions. All of our tracks are released in January, April, July, and October, so if you placed your order after July 1, for example, if the July edition mailinglist is running, the first edition you would get would be the October edition.

You' ll always get compliments for a whole year and your on-line connection starts right away. If you have ordered a Proforma bill, please be aware that we must be paid before we can ship your order. iPALs - Immediately after receiving your order, you will be sent an e-mail with full instructions on how to retrieve this asset.

Brochures with customized brands - more detail will be provided when these brochures are available for ordering. Reservations are not placed until you have completed the entire order process, so you can explore varying ad size and quantity to achieve the pricing that suits you. Notice that you will not be asked to make any advance payments for the adverts you have booked.

A purchase order that you place generates an invoice that generates a payments plan. Before the end of the reservation period for each release in which you have placed an advertisement for the release, you will receive an e-mail asking you to register and make your payments for the article due. Also, please be aware that you must order all your advertisements in one order to get the best volume discount, i.e. if you want to order four advertisements, you must order them all together instead of two now and two a month later.

Rebates work as follows (please be aware that the quantity of the rebate differs according to the advertising method, i.e. printing or e-mail). Ads Canceled or Not Paid For If successful completion of payments has not been received by the closing date for each ad, the ad will be deemed to have been canceled, but will continue to be payable in accordance with the General Business conditions.

There is limited room in the magazine and almost always excess enquiry over availability, so a failure to comply with a reservation is likely to lead to someone else's reject. Wherever possible, we will try to ensure that you can move your ad to another release if reasonably announced, e.g. at least 14 working days before the closing date for bookings, as this will give us sufficient opportunity to sell your area.

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