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The management of all affiliate links on your website does not have to be difficult. Affiliate Easy Links is a free WordPress plugin to manage your affiliate links. The first time you start affiliate marketing, link management is easy. *Affiliate links are included in this post. Really make it easy for your partners to promote your online store and website!

GoCodes free plugin alternative

Do you are into affiliate marketing & looking for a way to optimise your affiliate relationships? I have talked in the past about the free WordPress plug-in that I use to administer all my affiliate hyperlinks. No sure why, but today the Google Code plug-in was extracted from the WordPress plug-in repository & now there are only a few free Affiliate Links Managers plugins in the WordPress plug-in repository.

Among them is Thirstyaffiliate, prefty relink, which is free for the llite and has a professional release with extended features. In fact, it is a great plug-in for a serious affiliate marketeer, but most of the affiliate marketers who want to stay new to affiliate with free choices have restricted choices.

In order to relieve your discomfort, I found all the free choices to Gocodes & tried many plugins to find the best Gocodes choices that are free and have all the functionality an Affiliate Links-Manager WordPress plug-in should have. Eventually I found a plug-in that calls Easy Affiliate Links, which is the best free alternate to Gocodes or any other affiliate links plug-in.

Rather than the geographic targeting of linking that' s vital to the Affiliate Programme or the Amazon Affiliate Programme, this plug-in provides the basic generics needed by any entry-level affiliate marketer. I will publish the Easy Affiliate Left (EAL) Plugins Use & Review Guides in this guide to help you get up and running.

The EAL is a free WordPress plug-in that must be available to every affiliate marketer. As well as turning your nasty affiliate referrals into nice referrals, it also provides essential statistics such as month-to-month hits & lifelong hits on the referral URL. It uses the WordPress mail type function and is easy to use.

The categorisation, which makes managing your website easy, is one of the main advantages of this plug-in. I liked this plug-in because you can directly attach affiliate hyperlinks from the posts section, a function I was missing in the GoCodes plug-in. While not learning more about the theoretical side, I would like to show you how to use this plug-in.

First thing you need to do is get the plug-in installed and activated. Here you can try the offical plug-in page. Once the plug-in is activated, click Affiliate Links>Settings to set the plug-in's defaults. Unless you modify the slot, by default your entire affiliate referral will look like this:

As soon as this is done, the next stage is to begin with the addition of the affiliate link. Just click Affiliate Links>Add New & make your nasty affiliate link look cute. That part is easy for anyone who has used Gocodes plug-in or another plug-in to administer their affiliate link. So you will need to attach all your affiliate link & from here things will be interesting.

How to directly copy abbreviated hyperlinks by click on Affiliate Hyperlinks, or you can use the buttons in the Mail edit section to insert hyperlinks. That is a function we never had in the Gocodes plug-in. If you are posting a new article, click the Affiliate icon in the posting area:

The plug-in has a number of functions for importing and exporting that will be useful for those who want to move from the Gocodes plug-in to it. While I haven't yet tried this one, I will try it out in the next few weeks as this free affiliate plug-in looks amazing as the Gocodes one. Gocodes plug-in from the WordPress plug-in repos was unfortunate to see, as I was a big supporter of him, but at the same I' m happy to have found Easy Affiliate Left plug-in, which seemed to be the best free affiliate linking sleeve WordPress out there.

This plug-in is even the best choice for an already established or a new one. First of all I want to know how you manage affiliate link in your blogs? Sharing this review with your affiliate partners who are in affiliate remarketing, they will thank you later.

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