Earn Money by Clicking Links

Make money by clicking on links.

We pay you both for the first click, but also when the visitors go through the process. Earn extra money from your friends and their friends! Below are some of the ways to make money with advertising on your blog. Build a link ad to get more clicks on your ads and grow your business. Just click on a link and visit a website for a few seconds to earn money.

Locking files

Use our customisable editing software to monetise your data, sites and links. Easily migrate your data and use our Locker to monetise your downloaded software. Our site offers hosting for your target pages and the possibility to directly embed the downloaded data on your website with our own widget utility.

You can use our Website Widget utility to block pages with high-quality contents on your website or your blogs. All our Widget products are extremely adaptable and optimised for use on the go. You can use our link locker utilities to monetise links, such as links to third-party file types or outgoing links on your website.

Our Link Widget tools allow you to directly incorporate our solutions into your website. Since our opening in 2009, we have made timely payment, provided world-class customer service, and delivered flawless operational performance. Every payment is sent on schedule, every single one. Regular partners get their payment on the third of each calendar week, while Premier partners get their payment every week.

With our slim, easy-to-use usersashboard, you'll find functions to help you make even more money, plus sophisticated statistics report utilities, Widget-Designer, customizable destination pages, and more. With over 20,000 pre-installed sofware and e-books and instructions, our library of contents provides you with a virtually infinite flow of contents and hidden agendas for your promotional campaigns.

Premier Program members benefit from the highest withdrawal rate we can provide, as well as our ability to make monthly payouts.

What kind of money can I make?

What kind of money can I make? There are a number of options available to you depending on a number of different criteria, such as your level of responsiveness to your needs, your level of satisfaction, and your population. Our tester is paid via PayPal. A PayPal bankroll is required and you must be living in a PayPal-ready state.

Exactly 7 working days after completion of a website or application test you will get your money (this wait allows us to guarantee the recording quality). Tester from the following coutries are accepted: As soon as you are authorized, begin to do true testing and earn true money!

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