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Make money by viewing advertisements

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HitBliss allows audiences to earn cash for "free" films and television by viewing personalised ads.

The Exterminating Angel, Luis Buñuel's great black humorous play, should never be interrupted by Pizza Hut advertising. Advertisements and trailer ads in front of cinema films in the theatre have even started to look like an annoying duty. HitBliss, a small business in Lexington, Massachusetts, is the last attempt. Peyer's business paradigm, created together with her man, chief executive officer and co-founder Andrew Prihodko, has a unique openness and clearness that could give them a real opportunity to achieve this.

HitBliss in one of these modes is a shop where clients can hire streamed films or buy TV shows, just like Apple's Apple Xbox Marketplace or Apple Apps, with a similar catalogue of available tracks and similar available screens. The HitBliss Group has teamed up with three of the six largest film studio companies (Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal), Starz and TV producers to deliver Hollywood films in digital DVD/transactional screen and TV stories the following morning.

Peyer says that HitBliss is near with two of the three Hollywood studio's left and is hoping that all six, plus more TV contents, will have by the end of the year. Customers can choose to make payments with a HitBliss balance on their HitBliss accounts, a PayPal balance or even a debit balance with a PayPal balance.

HitBliss is different here. Earn recognition for TV shows and films by viewing advertisements - TV ads, trailer films, surveys - in what HitBliss called " Earn Mode ". "The ads are mostly high fidelity videos and not spam: Peyer says the firm will ultimately launch a self-service site like Google AdSense, but right now it's restricting ads to Fortune 500 businesses.

And borrowers' revenue is not expressed in Xbox points or Facebook or Bitcoin receipts, but in true U.S. Dollars. Peyer says the use of bucks ensures that spectators worry when they make cash, worry when they loose it (more below) and mental adjust the "free" conversation they see to a true value in bucks.

It is the first promotional plattform that makes the basic offer of advertisement for the final consumer completely clear and transactional: the clients' attentiveness is valuable. With HitBliss it is also clear that not all attentions are equal. Earn mode prioritizes a customer's ad queues to display ads with the highest per-second value for that specific client.

Accelerate credit earning if you are willing to part with customized information for targeting advertising: site locations, sex, age, revenue, web and browsing histories, activities on retailer pages, ad History on HitBliss, etc. In essence, anything and everything, just before a full purchasing record or socio chart of a consumer being used today for focused on-line promotion, can be used to provide video that matches HitBliss ad campaign.

That could be a private nightmare. Really. Peyer says that HitBliss's statement is actually better than the others in the business because everything is clear. Neither of this - the demographics, the web progress, any of it - is ever transferred to an advertisers or is ever saved on a permanent basis by HitBliss.

At a time when businesses are absorbing as much information as possible to save, repack and reassemble, even if they don't immediately know what they're going to do with it, the concept that HitBliss will seek to make a gain just by making more from marketers than it is paid for film and television studio services is quite simply a breathtaking setback.

However, Peyer and HitBliss say that this data protection check is integrated into the architectural design of the actual site. As soon as a HitBliss application decides to send specific news, Peyer says, "the HitBliss application keeps the user's information. Has she looked at the whole thing, jumped to another ad or navigated away from the page?

As a result, you also receive more credits on HitBliss. Since it presents one ad after another in a streaming process that is controlled by the user and learned from the information provided by the user, Peyer refers to the Earn mode as "Pandora for ads". "And indeed, the ad space is the HitBliss brand; films and TV are just feasibility studies.

Aim is to build a huge on-line audience of spectators willing to see specific ads against money that can be used for a broad variety of items - applications, textbooks, games, everything. HitBliss's service promise to marketers, in addition to personnel targeting, is that HitBliss's application will ensure that audiences look at the ads for which they are paying.

Regularly, a broadget appears with the question "Are you still there?" and a timer to make sure audiences don't advertise and leave physical. Once the watch goes to zero, you loose your balance, not only for this ad, but for all ads that have been viewed since your last interaction with the site.

Andrew Prihodko, HitBliss chief executive officer, says the firm "uses several incumbent Christian Democratic Union (CDN) networks (Content Dissemination Networks) that also successfully deliver large online videos " and "one of the country's biggest online payment providers". Users' credentials are in the care of the credential processing organization.

All HitBliss does is instruct them who to bill and for how much. "HitBliss can also hold this information more securely because your information is only stored on a local basis and is not passed on to its own server or advertiser. The last thing I care about is the earnings rates for commercials.

On my HitBliss demonstration we were able to earn about $5 loan, enough to hire a fiction picture by viewing some TV-length spots and a long trailers. It' s not much more than you would see for an Hulu television show, and much less than you would see for a cinema show.

When clients need to see 20 or 30 commercial spots to put together enough scratches to see a film, they will go. It' simply simpler to make the payment, and if you make the payment, you can just as easily make it to iTunes or Amazon as to HitBliss. Wherever HitBliss has a genuine chance, it is to appear as the last election's press resource.

There are a number of spots you can see on the coach and then play the film on your notebook when you get home. Does that suffice for HitBliss to assert itself as a company?

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