Dreamhost Referral Program

Dreamhost Referral Program

When you want to become a Dreamhost affiliate and earn money online with web hosting affiliate programs. Skip to What is the payout for the DreamHost affiliate program? - Follow this link to join the DreamHost affiliate program. Dreamhost partner program is available to everyone free of charge and without customer request. In which affiliate networks does DreamHost operate?

Policy 1

Previously known as the Affiliate Program, Refer & Earn now features an expanded referral program, easier browsing through the panels, and strong tracking and tracking features. Panels >'Refer & Earn' >'Dashboard'). Opens the Refer & Earn Dashboard page: At the top of the Refer & Earn page you will find an outline of the program and shortcuts to various areas on this page.

We have three ways you can connect to make your reward. You can use this hyperlink to give your customers a $50 rebate on split hoses and make $50 for yourself. Your reward action can be displayed in several ways, as described below. Abstract Referral Action Summary - Shows you a breakdown of your website's referral link trackers.

Reward Summary - Shows you how much reward you earn, paid out, matched to your host, and a residual amount. If you receive a new recommendation, you can either turn e-mail notification on or off by selecting the Turn e-mail notification on or off button: This warning will appear at the top of the Panels page when you activate e-mail notifications:

To learn more about how you can apply all or part of your qualifying premium income to a single payout, see the following article: They can make further changes to how they are remunerated and what taxation information they should use for premiums. Type in your PayPal e-mail and click the Update Cashout Settings to activate this function.

General terms and conditons for Refer & Earn

Acquired clients must provide an online host during the free evaluation and/or money back warranty period for the merchant to earn the merchant Reward. Partners will not be rewarded by any customer who cancels/deactivates their hosted services, receives a reimbursement, or is exposed during their free evaluation and/or money-back warrenty.

Every affiliate is obliged to provide a correct and up-to-date W8/W9 affiliate income form. If, within ninety (90) working days following a qualified referral sales that would otherwise result in a rewards, we do not obtain the necessary fiscal or billing information from you, that rewards will not be due and no resulting rewards will be due in relation to that sales.

You must store your control information for your reward to accumulate and become due. Absent or unfollowed Partner Recommendations must be notified within 14 calendar days following the qualified brokered purchase and will be added to your balance at our absolute option, provided that such funds have been collected in accordance with all the conditions in the Partner Agreement.

Recommendations that are not submitted during the current referral timeframe will not be added to your bankroll. Merited awards can be redeemed after the 97-day retention has expired, provided the partner has decided to pay their awards. Partners with an income credit of more than $20 will receive their earning awards through PayPal on the first working days after the tenth of the monthly term.

Reward payment is charged with a 5% Paypal handling charge. The partners are accountable for being able to take payment. Make sure that your PayPal or banking accounts can accommodate payment from U.S. based businesses. Partners are accountable for all charges, tax, exchange rate, supplements and other expenditures associated with receiving their awards.

Contact your local PayPal or banking provider to find out if any of these applies to your Moneybookers or PayPal accounts. In the event that a Recruited Client first buys a minimum of one (1) year subscription service plan and then upgrades its subscription plan to less than one (1) year subscription plan within one (1) year of the date of the original acquisition, the Awards made to the Partner will be cancelled and subtracted from prospective revenue.

With effect from 15 March 2016, promotional code will no longer be acceptable as a means of tracing referral purchases. Limitations and responsibilities of the partners: Retaining the right to disable any accounts that use coupons/discounts as their prime advertising medium, at our own option. Every change of the link is the exclusive liability of the partner.

We do not allow you to buy a specific domainname and to configure it so that it is forwarded directly to our website via your affiliated hyperlink. We do not allow you to buy a specific domainname and to configure it so that it is forwarded directly to our website via your affiliated hyperlink. Breaches of our anti-spam policy or our general conditions will lead to the immediate expiration of all reward payment.

Purchased funds must use different invoicing and payments procedures than the advertiser to be eligible for awards. Clients cannot recommend themselves or their spouse/civil partners. Violation may lead to the cancellation of all accumulated awards and to the release from the program. If you are signed in to your FTC Partners profile, please click on the FTC Disclosure page under the Term page for more information and proposals on how to follow these policies.

Partner Contacts may be disabled at any moment, without prior notification or notification and at your own option. In our absolute judgment, any incorrect or deceptive advertisement or alleged deceptive action in connection with your Partner account will lead to immediate inactivation. We will deactivate affiliated affiliate Accounts that generate a large number of deceptive Account (s) as designated in our absolute judgment.

To stop participating in the Partner Program at any point, just delete your Partner Link from your website and stop promoting it. Our system stores your accounts and your personally identifiable information for bookkeeping use. Ladies and gentlemen, platinum affiliates: Platinum affiliates programs are available to current partners who generate more than 25 monthly referrals and offer a range of unique benefits, such as early payment of awards, cheque payment and no 5% Paypal handling fees on payouts.

Affiliate Program reserves the right to change or discontinue our affiliate program at any fortnight. Be sure to visit this page frequently together with the Refer & Earn page! If you continue to use this site after any changes have been made, you accept the revised conditions. Your only option if you do not accept the revised conditions is to stop using our site and close your user accounts with us.

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