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Partners on your site can promote any of your EDD download products by sharing their referral URLs. IDM Affiliate Platform makes it easy to turn your website, blog or newsletter into an online business. You download the Affiliate Dashboard App from the Play or iOS Store. There is also a download reward model where partners can earn money for each download of our software. Please download this PDF to check the details before registering.

From now on you can apply for our partner program!

From now on you can apply for our partner program! Affiliates receive an affiliate fee for every resale you recommend. Now you can tell your buddies, your relatives, your neighbors, your co-workers, your seamstress, others in your business or anyone you know who is opening their own e-commerce shop to buy your products digitally on-line.

Receive a royalty for every purchase! Referral fees can be made on all products: single licence sales, bundles and starter packs! And the higher the sales you recommend, the more you make! After logging into your affiliate area, simply log into your affiliate information and your affiliate area. I have been part of the Sandhills Development Familie for over a year, but last year I came on aboard full-time to work on various different assignments - among others in this position as new Affiliate Manager!

I will keep you up to date on plug-in update and change information, new functionality, new enhancements and new creative people, and am available to deal with any special queries. I am so upset that I am starting to expand our affiliate program to make it larger, better and more rewarding.

Receive 10% on every recommendation that leads to a successfull sales.

Receive 10% on every recommendation that leads to a successfull sales. Offering tens of high-quality HTML and banner clippings with your affiliate ID, setting up and promoting is a snap. Customize your affiliate market research on the basis of true affiliate information. Transfer information, transfer stats and result reporting are always up-to-date and easy to access.

When you click on your recommendation hyperlink, a cookies is saved in the web page of a prospective client. As a result, it is possible to return for 30 full day and make a sale, which increases the probability of a changeover being made. Improve the odds of a winning recommendation through neat, SEO-friendly hyperlinks. Build your own affiliate campaign to better monitor the power of your affiliate recommendation list.

Separate promotional information is provided to help you identify which promotional strategies work best.

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