Domain Registrar Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program for Domain Registrars

At the moment I only use the GoDaddy affiliate program. Their journey into affiliate marketing begins with the registration of your domain. A domain is your identity on the web. ( long time, no contribution ) I am looking for a great domain registration affiliate program.

Todays I checked out ratings for best domain name affiliate schemes and was totally surprised at something. Nearly all domain Registrars with affiliate programmes only charge commission on the INITIAL PURCHASE of the domain name! Well, if that was the case with the domain name registrar I'm connected to, I frankly don't think I ever registered as an affiliate, Jesus, what was it like... 15 years ago or so.

And I have received recommendation fees from my Domain Name Retailer affiliate accounts that have since been paid into my banking area! I' m not sure if my affiliate program for domain name is the ONLY one that will pay provision for each newly registrated domain name AND the same provision for each year for each domain name renew, but I can safely say that it is one of very few.

Moreover, the new critiques I've seen describe that for some domain name affiliate software you have to make some kind of silly review and file the review to get your commission! Genuine domain name affiliate marketeers are expecting automatic payment that will accrue over the years. But the only realistic way to achieve remnant revenue with domain name is by letting your clients grow in number year after year...and encouraging them to buy more domain name year after year...and then you can benefit from composing committees year after year.

So if you are looking for a domain name registrar with an affiliate program, hoping to earn year after year domain name fees, there really should be no reluctance now. Would you like to get to know my Domain Name Affiliate Program? A mail came in today as a result of a query about Link-In and asked for the domain name affiliate program that I sponsor and support.

First the author went to my domain name affiliate registration page at and sent me the e-mail as follows: In fact, if you register for the domain name affiliate program I use and start your own website from the system's turn-key website, you are using the same server and technical resources as GoDaddy.

Once you've registered, e-mail me using this enquiry page and I'll respond with a step-by-step response that I' ve prepared to help you get up and running. Speaking for myself, I recommend that everyone in the company register for the company retailer accounts and then move all their goaddy domain names to their retailer accounts because you get rebates on all the service you buy - just because you're a retailer.

That' s how I began and every year I buy enough of my own things like SSL certificates and domain name which I am saving more than I am paying every year. An additional advantage is that you have a backseat that provides a full listing of usernames and usernames for each domain name you register.

But I can log in at any time, find their account number and then use the "Forgot Password" function to help them return to their domain administration area. So I am glad that I am using a domain registration system that gives me this extra layer of accessibility. If I get a new writer, spokesperson or shop keeper customers, they usually buy a few more domain name and that is when I propose my individual website.

I always sponsor (the website where folks can buy domain name through my domain name affiliate program). Exactly how you should support your own program depends on you, but you could begin with my free 101 Traffic Methods whitepaper. When you are in the customer support using the web industry, you really need to find a domain name registrar with an affiliate program and get your customers to join their domain through your affiliate links.

On the one hand, you get a provision, but your job will be much simpler if you know that your customers' domain names are in a secure place, with a system that YOU are used to.

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