Domain name and web Hosting

Dominname and Webhosting

One domain name, is like the address of your home; web hosting on the other hand, is the room of your home where you store your furniture. A series of words and/or numbers are used to name the website instead of the street name and area code. The domain name is the name of your website or URL (www.mynewcompany.

com) and can be purchased from a domain name registrar. Here's what they all mean and what you have to do to get started. Website consists of files (such as index. html, index. php, images, . css files, etc.) and in many cases a database.

Domainname and webhosting, what's the big deal?

It is not unusual for you to be mistaken between domain name registrations and web hosting when you set up your first website. They can be "hosted" by a hosting provider. The hosting is typically charged between $10 and $50/month a month or per year, based on the nature of the servers you need and how much disk capacity and bandwith you use.

You can buy domain name anywhere, but it is easy to buy the domain and setup the hosting in the same place. For WordPress page setup, I suggest the following hosting providers: These hosting businesses all offer domain name registry as well as hosting and make it very comfortable. However, you can buy a domain name and then hoster it somewhere else.

Following domain name registries are very popular: When you have bought a domain name from a business and choose to have it hosted elsewhere, you need to register with your domain Registrar and change the DNA.

Your domain registrar is simply told by this DNA modification that the address you are using is now host by someone else. Be sure to check your e-mail address before you modify the DNA. Once you have configured e-mail address with your domain registration company, you will need to reconfigure it with your hosting service providers.

All of this registering and hosting domain names may seem discouraging, but it's very easy if you've done it once or twice. When you set up a new website, the choice of one of the hosting providers that acquires both the domain name and the hosting will make it easier. In case you have already bought the domain name elsewhere, simply make sure that you keep your log-in information with both the Registry and the hosting company and share this information with your webmaster.

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