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Marketing Materials

You can save money on marketing materials by using these seven DIY websites. Discover Rough & Ready Media's Board "Marketing Materials" on Pinterest. There is nothing sadder than seeing BRUTAL (that's right, BRUTAL) advertising material when I'm on the road at an event or opening my mail. It is a DIY design tool based on templates and suitable for most small business design requirements. The DIY - Design your own marketing materials.

Seven DIY sites to create stunning marketing materials.

Any organization needs marketing materials, but the cost of prints can increase. In order to keep marketing budget in check, many shopkeepers turn to do-it-yourself web pages to create and publish their own materials. No matter whether you need visiting greeting card, an outdoor advertising or a small corporate carriage for an imminent fair, here is a listing of DIY pages that can generate the kind of high value materials you are looking for:

Whilst it is best known for printed calling card products, the site provides almost any type of marketing materials you can imagine. Postcards and outdoor posters will probably find what you are looking for on the site. Disadvantages: Not the right place for corporate schwag, and is not known for its bigger marketing materials like corporate logos.

This print shop, however, enjoys a good name for its high-quality product. Vistaprint provides smaller materials such as calling and postcards that are slightly more valuable than what you'd find on a website like Vistaprint, but the site focuses on value rather than number. Holders can go to "Inspiration Pages" to get a little help with designing.

Disadvantages: Shopkeepers should reckon with higher pricing and reduced stocks. When you are sick of giving away pencils and crisps at trade shows, you should visit Yes, they are selling bracelets like the ones below, but they are specialized in not so typically corporate wagons. Store owner have a choice of uncommon marketing products and there is always online help if you need it.

Disadvantage: The choice of products is restricted. When you are on the advertising sticker scene, Sticker Mule is the best choice. As you may have already guessed, our marketing site concentrates on one base unit. Provides free shipment and quick processing of on-line Proofs. Disadvantage: The choice of products is restricted.

Shopkeepers looking for a website to buy corporate clothing should try LogoUp. No matter if you want to give away a dozen T-shirts or equip your employees with polo jackets, on this website you will find everything. Disadvantages: Have appropriate expectation of what constitutes good value for money on the basis of the cost you are paying.

For something more creatively than a simple sticker, take a look at the choices on On this page you will find exclusive windows stickers, car stickers, sandwich panels, aluminium plates and ground plates, such as the one shown below, which crack the traditional shape of your car's scooter. Great sample stock with samples that help users create eye-catching design.

Disadvantages: The website is quite simple and the site is not as user-friendly as other DIY-pages. When you need large marketing materials such as exterior signage or submersible signage, you can take a look at the Half Price Banner. This site has good value for money and is one of the few resource that specializes in large items.

Shop owner can build their banners with an on-line publisher, and most are sent and preprinted within 24 working days of authorisation. Disadvantages: The website is a bit basic, as are the DIY utilities you can use to customize your own designs. These seven ressources allow you to produce the marketing materials you need to advertise your products or services.

In order to reduce costs, you should start printing the required materials early. You have a go-to website for marketing materials?

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