Display and Programmatic Advertising

Advertising display and programmatic advertising

Very attractive prospecting and remarketing campaigns for new and current target groups. grammatic Media Buying uses software to automate the purchase and placement of media assets through a tendering system. Media landscape is constantly changing. With our team of experts we can help you reach the right user at the right time on the right device with display and video advertising, paid social and remarketing. So why rely on anonymous cookies, unknown devices, and inferred "online behavior data" to decide what your customers want?

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Exposing the advertising of banners: What is programmatic does not want you to believe it.

As soon as the new child on the bloc, the programmatic has been growing and fast in recent years. Expenditure on program-controlled displays last year totalled almost 33 billion dollars worldwide, and in Australia more than 52 percent of the medias were handled by program. Like everything new and populous on the web, the programmatic has its part to play in hate and plot theoreticians discrediting the sector.

The advertising program is like the wake-up call for the Klopfer-Ober, the knob for the elevator manager and the e-tag for the tolling road operator: technical automatization. Programatic uses technologies to help streamline shopping and advertising placements in the global marketplace. Prior to programmatic advertising, it was trusted that agencies would submit orders to publishing houses for advertising spaces and refine them to include pricing, ad sizes and available fixtures.

Programatic allows the automatic execution of a campaign's ape work, eliminating the need for lengthy negotiation. Put in simple terms, programmatically the customer achieves the best results and stands up for his money. It is only a mechanic for the implementation of programmatic measures, similar to searching and e-mail. It buys advertising spaces in - you guess it - and offers the right image in a real-time auctions, in order to address the right people at the right prices at the right people.

Imagine RTB as the mallet in the programmatic toolset. Program dealers have the resposibility to target those who have shown interest, in an ethical and responsible way. Retargeting in itself is a good concept for both advertiser and customer. In the early stages of programming this legend has something true.

Whereas programmatic purchasing initially consisted of generating traffic for remaining advertising on web sites (using the advertising that was not actually purchased through "direct sales"), the advertising marketing place began to recognize the simplicity and precision of programmatic rather than random marketing of information. Large numbers of brand names (via the DSP ) are demanding more programmatic advertising for their campaign, which in turn means that more publisher (via the SSP) are offering their best stock to meet this need.

Since all this is done through a real-time RTB auctions, the best prize is obtained at the best possible moment and for the best commercial. However, there are dubious web pages that also offer programmatic sales. Programmed merchants and trade portals are responsible for excluding certain web pages from the tender procedure.

You should also provide a good rate for advertising spaces to make sure that your advertisements do not appear on certain, uh, "hubs". Given that two-thirds of the world' digitally controlled displays are scheduled to be shipped by 2019, there is no better timing to get on the train.

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