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Show ads on the website

Some banner filtering software is also available because banner advertising can be very annoying and this could harm your website readership. Difference is that Display Network ads do not appear on Google's website. Advertisements on display are aimed at consumers based on the intention to buy during the days and times they visit their favorite websites. Advertisements on the display are about browsing a website or Facebook. You serve your ads to users who meet your specifications and visit websites that have chosen their display network.

Web site redesign - Where are good places to place ads on a web site?

As a rule, the side bar is a good place because it is out of the way of the primary contents, and if the contents are long enough, you have a lot of space. This way, the user will recognize it when he reads it. However, when it comes down to it, eyetracking surveys have shown that consumers generally disregard all advertising banners.

If possible, I suggest that you check ads that directly refer to the contents of your website. They are very good at disregarding ads wherever you place them. Surveys have been conducted to track users' eyestrain and show that they rarely look at ads. Once you select "non-standard" sites for your ads, you may find that they are viewed by others first, but once they get used to the page layouts, they will begin to disregard them again.

Maybe you also find that those who do not find the places of the standards so angry that they stop to visit your website. I worked for a paper a few years ago and they revamped their website to take ads everywhere and mix them with the contents, and it seemed horrible.

When someone wants to buy a digital still phone device (or whatever), they will see a relevancy ad, and if they believe that your site might even click on it. Meanwhile, we are well educated to disregard ads, but more importantly, we detest sites that try to compel us to view ads using unconventional technologies.

As it is more important to satisfy your customers in the long run, it is important to place ads in inconspicuous places on your website, such as in the headers, sidebars, between articles and other popular places. Note that Pagebook only places a few classifieds at the bottom right of the page.

This is the coolest part of the page according to most hot map, which is why Pagebook has placed the ads there to make the user feel lucky. Rare, relevance text ads in an uncontextual setting are much better able to attract investment than apparent ads that try frantically to persuade uninterested, banner-blind people.

While you can scatter text ads in your major work, don't try to deceive your reader. Atwood''s is doing a good job posting text ads that are appropriate for the public on codinghorror.com. Take this as an example and realize that the links can only be valid for a short period of time.

After a while I accept that I can begin to disregard these ads as well, but in the take-away I see them much more than I see something in the headline or sidebar. Search through other tagsged issues or ask your own one.

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