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The program is free and offers credit card offers from Discover, HSBC and AccountNow. What is the most difficult part of affiliate marketing? Now, for me it is the discovery of a new affiliate program within my niche. When you want to help your customers, your family and your friends benefit from our program (and earn a commission), our affiliate program is for you. Upload your contacts to discover EDGAR.

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You will be rewarded for every individual who accesses your site, click s through to Discover's site and is eligible for one of our many map offers! First of all, you should submit your application as a publishing company to Commission Junction. The Affiliate Program member pages must be active in the United States or have an U.S. resident public.

Websites that contain adult content such as adult content, games of chance/ lotteries, hateful speeches, indecent words or humour or other materials that may be objectionable will not be eligible for the Affiliate Program. How soon will I get my fee? At the end of each monthly period, Comission Junction emails commision cheques with the revenues of the preceding monthly period.

Who can I turn to if I have a question about the program? CJ. com is the first place you'll look for an answer to your question. A great place to find out more about new program functionality or get the latest reports on your website's capabilities is your Publisher Area. Problems and queries regarding tech assistance should be addressed to Commission Junction.

Who' s Commission Junction? The Commission Junction is one of the biggest affiliate ad network. Find out more about Commission Junction by browsing its website at

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Discover's Affiliate Program is one of the premier online affiliate programmes for banks and finance companies. Discover Affiliate Program will help your website visitor earn their hard cash. Discovery is FDIC covered and has a range of deposits product. No matter whether it's setting up a CD with different tariffs or using savings accounts, IRAs and cash accounts, Discover offers your customers the necessary billing solution.

Details about the affiliate program:

Do you have many discovery cards?

Updated: Here is the offical answer from Discover:]. When the new IT Miles is introduced, many ask themselves: How many Discover Miles can someone have? When you have the Discover IT Cash Back you can also get the new Miles as well? I' ve phoned Discover twice and both agents said exactly the same answer: you can have more than one Discover ticket, but only if it has been 12 month after receiving the other one.

This means that anyone who has recently received the Discover Cash Back cannot be admitted to the new Discover Miles travel cards. Similarly, someone who does not yet have either Discover or the other must now decide which Discover or the other Discover cards they wish to receive; they cannot simply do both.

Therefore, it is important to consider several different considerations, such as the sign-up bonuses and tier bonuses that Discover Cash Back comes with compared to the higher rates for normal Discover Miles purchases. Discover Cash Back is available for all Discover Miles customers. This morning we posted a full review of this topic, see Discover it Vs Discover it Miles - Which Card Makes More Senses?

These are two reviews of the new Discover Members program. There are two reported reasons why Discover does not yet allow a switch from the cash back to the mileage cards (1, 2). At this point they can ask you if you want to shut down the old bank or open a second one.

During my second Discover call, I asked them another question: Can I have two of the same versions of a Discover ICD? So I made it very clear that I wanted to know if I could have two Discover Cash Back or not. Said the representative: "Sure, as long as your old ticket is more than one year old, you can request a second ticket".

Only to be on the safe side, I phoned Discover again. I didn't ask for the milestone map at all this year, I just said that I'm a Discover Cash Back member and I want a second map to split certain issues. Representatives said exactly the same answer that as long as your prior ticket is one year old, there is no issue.

First comes the Discover Cash Back ticket with a sign-up credit, sometimes up to $150. On this basis, we can receive this bonuses more than once, even without canceling the first game. Now it is possible that they won't give the sign-up bonuses more than once (see Churnable Credit Chard list), but I would give him a good shot that they didn't encode something like that, since not many folks are applying for multiple Discover Cards.

Secondly, this means that we can duplicate our Discover class quaterly by having two tickets. Again, we can only receive one ticket per year, so if you request the milestone ticket soon, you will not be able to receive the second Cash Back ticket for another year. Third, let's see how this can impact the new milestone map.

We know the Miles is earning the converted 3% back, but only for the first year. Well, we don't know yet if this year is "churnable" - if we quit the map after one year and request another one later, we get the 3x again for another year.

And if it is migratable, we would not even have to terminate the map and reapply. Instead, after one year, we could simply request a second ticket. But the main issue is that it will take a whole year to see if your map earns 3x or not - as the additional reward is not due until the end of the year - and it is not possible for us to have two full years of datapoints.

However, even if we were to receive a favorable review from Discover itself, it would be difficult to warrant placing the actual spending for a whole year on the map on the basis of a belief in the system that the 3-fold premium can be dropped. In addition, I would like to point out that, as already stated, it may sound as if Discover does not give immediate authorisation to current owners, you will probably have to call and get authorisation by hand.

You can even ask you to tell them why you want two from the same map. Anyway, I think that this message opens a new dimension of opportunities, especially regarding the Cash Back bonuses; the key issue is how Discover will respond to trials with multiple maps.

More than one Discover membership may be available, but if you are applying you are unlikely to receive immediate authorization. It is not possible to request a second Discover within one year of receiving the first Discover membership Card. More than one application can be made for the same products as long as one year has elapsed.

It is not known whether the Sign-Up or Reward Bonuses are "churnable" and we will validate the second times you receive the same map products. It had been some while since I had considered requesting a second Discover membership for my new family. As Discover drew Transunion for me when I requested my first Discover ticket, I thought it was really good to see if I could get a second ticket.

It is now clear that it is possible to have more than one, I just have to choose between the Miles or a second Cash Back game. I lean towards the cash back map in the hope of getting a second sign-up bonuses, but only if the sign-up bonuses rise back to $150 some period later.

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