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Affiliate Digital Marketing

Affiliate marketing continues to be an indispensable digital media channel for many transactional e-commerce sites for retailers, travel and financial services providers. affiliate marketing is the middleman for profit. At MaxBounty we only work with digital products, not with the sale of physical items. Dolphic has worked with all major affiliate networks. The Affiliate Marketing team will help you find the network that best fits your business needs.

Marketing Affiliate Brief Instructions

Take advantage of our hubs pages as a guide to learn about all the key digital marketing technologies. Affiliate marketing continues to be an indispensable digital medium for many e-commerce transactions websites for retail, fulfillment, travel agents and finance companies. affiliate marketing is also a sales paradigm to be considered by website users, especially on-line editors.

Sucess in affiliate marketing for the affiliate trader is all about establishing the right relations with the right kinds of affiliate. The majority of companies find a 95:5 affiliate policy, so the first thing to do right is to select the right affiliate. In order to make the connection, you need a great deal since if one partner is good, he already has other great deals.

The Affiliate is controlled by your prospective actions through the Revenues Per Click (EPC) they provide to you, or they can be compared with advertising revenues on the basis of EBITM - Revenues per thousand pages server. You need to think about the affiliate like publisher and consider these elements that add value to what they can from you: the value they can generate:

Exchange rates and avarage order value - if these are competitively priced within your industry, you will be bundling to provide a better provision than your competition, so your advertisers will show your link and ad preferences to you. Communicating promotions and creatively - You need to make it easier for your affilates to do the best work for you by connecting them in advance using new product and promotions and giving them the creatives, leads and contents they need to help you.

Relational value - do they appreciate working with you - do you provide them with an additional service in addition to your comission? Affiliate marketing is not so good for commercial goods or cheaper consumables because it is not sufficiently lucrative for the affiliate, so it can be hard to attract enough of them.

Affiliate marketing could be said to be the final marketing communication, as it is a "pay-per-performance marketing" approach, i.e. a commission-based agreement in which the merchants or companies that sell a product only charge when they sell or receive a leads. This chart summarizes the affiliate marketing proces.

As you can see, when a affiliate site user (who may be an on-line publisher or aggregator) visits a affiliate site and selects a site from the merchants list, this potential customer is followed by a unique cookies placed on the visitor's computer. Typically 1, 7, 30, 60 or 90 day, the affiliate is rewarded for the sales of an amount (sales percent or set amount) that has been negotiated.

There can also be a growing amount of revenue in a number of industries - many banking, tour operators or merchants generate more than 10% of their revenue from a well-managed affiliate marketing program.

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