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Participate in our partner programs for debt settlement, debt consolidation, student loan consolidation through Shareasale and earn money by increasing traffic to our website. Our service offers the consumer one of the most cost-effective ways out of debt by means of payment by bank transfer. Submit your application today and earn $27.50 for every qualifying leads you submit from your website or blogs.

They can also join our pay-per-call program and make $41 for every qualifying call you make to our call centers. Partners with higher volumes can make even higher fees.

Put our high value text and banner link to your website or blogs and earn today. Are you qualified for debt consolidations?

Selected affiliate program

Please click here to find out how you can put your affiliate program on the number one position on this well-attended page. affiliate commissions: $27. 50 for lead, $41 for call.

Description of the partner: The National Debt Relief is one of the biggest and one of the most renowned debt regulation firms.

Some of these sites are on this site to give me a small fee and allow me to keep this site free instead of a membersite.

Affiliate commissions: *Yes: As you may have already guess, the above is my two-tier affiliate hyperlink. Some of these sites are on this site to give me a small fee and allow me to keep this site free instead of a membersite.

The use of my two-tier affiliate links does not influence the amount of money you receive from this or any other program. I get my kickbacks out of the seller's reduction, not yours. The ADE is devoted to supporting those who live a debt-free lifestyle. Currently, ADE provides non-profit debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit recovery and free telephone insolvency advice under our contract arrangements.

affiliate commissions: 10 percent of the debt amount. Description of the partner: Americap focuses on delivering the best client support and processing expertise for your client base. Debt management program helps help those who otherwise could not be served, and in doing so open a lucrative new source of income, it is a straightforward process:

Affiliate commissions: Description of the partner: Before October 2010, most debt regulators levied their charges before actually settling one of your debt.

Following customer grievances, the FTC made an amendment to the TSR selling rules to make it unlawful to levy a user premium until the business has paid a debt. Almost a year before the amendment came into force, we launched a fully FTC-compliant debt management program.

Affiliate commissions: Description of the partner: Because of the high value of the setup fees, Affiliates can earn serious cash with one of the most profitable affiliate programmes from our team.

Please check out our affiliate page to learn more and get your affiliate links. affiliate commissions: Partner description:

Some advisors provide free debt counselling to help you repay your debts and get your loans and your financial situation back in order. In the last 10 years, our fellowship has been helping more than 471,119 members to repay their debts.

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