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Official search page for local CW affiliate television stations. Locate out where you can see The CW near you. CW subsidiaries. means CW participations, CW gas participations, MLP General Partners and their direct and indirect members. FOX and CW members reach more of these viewers than any other affiliate group in the country.

CW local members coming to Lincoln in central Nebraska:

CW subsidiaries and affiliates listed (table)

Below is a listing of The CW's subsidiaries that began operations on 18 September 2006 after the WB and UPN fusion, both of which began in January 1995. CW is made up of 16 former WB subsidiaries held by Tribune Media (which co-owned WB together with Time Warner) and 11 UPN subsidiaries held by the network's proprietor, CBS.

These are the biggest of the extra groups of affiliates: The Pappas Tele-casting Companies, with ten subsidiaries (six broadcasters, one digitally and three locally connected ducts ), and Sinclair Broadcast Group, which connected eight of its broadcasters to The CW after a notified two-month litigation over reimbursement for inverse use of the net (and later a 9th that previously wore MyNetworkTV).

CW just accounts for more than 95 per cent of TV households in the United States. Nielsen's Nielsen rated Nielsen networks are over-the-air (analog, low-power or digital) in all top 100 market segments. Outside these areas, the market is either over-the-air or via pure ducts (including those serviced by The CW Plus) or via subsidiaries in neighbouring countries.

The KNVA in Austin, Texas, held by LIN Television and the KWKB in Iowa City, Iowa, held by KM Communications, were the only two broadcasters to introduce The CW that had both The CW as their main and MeinNetworkTV as their subsidiary (KNVA became a single CW subsidiary on October 21, 2009, while KWKB would cease to operate and become a single CW subsidiary in September 2011);

Currently, the local WKTC in Colombia, South Carolina (which added The CW in March 2014), Fox Television Stations-owned WPWR-TV in Chicago, Illinois (which added The CW in September 2016) and Raycom Media-owned WUAB in Cleveland, Ohio (which added The CW in July 2018) operate both WKTC local stations on their respective prime channels. WTVY in Dothan, Alabama, a CBS subsidiary of Gray Television, now operates WTVYY' network TV on a previously UPN-connected dedicated line, and also added a third dedicated line for CW.

WTOK TV in Meridian, Mississippi, also in Gray's possession, has added two more subchannels for CW and MeinetworkTV, in additional to ABC on its prime and Fox on another one. WLMT in Memphis, Tennessee, held by the Nexstar Media Group, was also the only broadcaster in the nation to carry CW as its prime affiliate and carry MeinNetworkTV on a dedicated digitial satellite from October 2010 to November 2014.

Until 10 September 2018, five CW Plus subsidiaries were still active in the CATV network, with four of them serving the off-exchange service platforms via CATV and SAT. These transmitters transmit the CW on a subchannel available to the audience of your TV. The majority of these channels should also be available in their own individual networks through dedicated CATV operators.

In operation, but not yet transmitted via a binary signal via a dedicated signal line. KCWE is available to customers in parts of the St. Joseph Markt as well as the other subsidiaries of the Kansas City networks. KNPN-LD3 previously functioned as a wired "WBJO" from the signing in 1998 as part of the WB 100+ station group until News-Press & Gazette Company took over operations and commercial management of the station and in June 2012 included it in KNPN's third digit satellite.

High-resolution CW Plus program data of the digitial slave was transferred to Suddenlink at the start of the workstation. Subsidiary previously operating purely as a pure conduit within the WB 100+ Group. The former CW subsidiary WJZY moved to Fox on 1 July 2013, as Fox Television Stations had concluded the acquisition of the broadcaster and its affiliated company WMYT-TV on 17 April.

CW formally appointed the long-standing Fox subsidiary WCCB as its Charlotte substitution subsidiary on 18 April; its membership changed on the same date as the change from WJZY to Fox to this base. Meanwhile, the Fox TV stations have retained CW affinity on WJZY. Ten Actual subsidiary membership.

Previously broadcasted on the transmitter's master sub-channel. Previously broadcasted on WWAY's second sub-channel until January 1, 2016, when he switched to his third sub-channel to make room for a new CBS sub-channel. On the Mankato segment, Consolidated Communications has'KWYE' as its CW subsidiary for its customers, while Spectrum has KTTC-DT2/Rochester, Minnesota, a CW subsidiary held by Quincy Media, as its CW Plus subsidiary for its customers.

2Gray Television2006-17 On May 31, 2017, WAGT-CD2 was selected after WAGT's full current audio signals were auctioned in the FCC Spectrauction. Gulfport, MS "WBGP" Bismarck, North Dakota "KWMK" Boise, IdahoKNIN9 / 10Journal Communications2006-11Joined Fox on 1 September 2011; superseded by KYUUU-LP and KBOIubchannel. 2006-14On February 10, 2014, an ion-owned and operating broadcaster was formed (as a trustee in favor of Ion Media Networks); had previously been held by Roberts Broadcasting.

As well as the ion programme, the WKTC also carried out the CW programme until it was superseded by the WKTC on 17 March. Columbus, GeorgiaWLGA66 / 47Pappas Telecasting2006-09An independant broadcaster was founded on April 27; it was superseded by a WLTZ sub-channel. Evansville, IndianaWAZE19 / 20Roberts Broadcasting2006-11Ceased operation March 24, 2011, after the FCC terminated the FCC's licence to build a 1,110 watt to 1 million watt powered DTH transmission system upon expiry of the FCC's approval; superseded by WAZE-LP, WJPS-LP and WIKY-LP, who previously served as WAZE-TV's fill-in translator.

52006-13 Continuing businesses January 3, 2013; superseded by WTVW on January 31. Glendive, Montana "KWZB" Brownsville - McAllen, TX "KMHB" (operated by LMA from Sinclair Broadcast Group)2006-16The affiliation was transferred to WHP-DT3. Since September 7, 2009 on RTV; substituted by KIFI sub-channel. Joseph, Missouri "WBJO" Terre Haute, Indiana "WBI" Toledo, Ohio "WT05" Twin Falls, IdahoKTWT-LP43Neuhoff Family Limited Partnership2006-12Joined in early 2012 and Fox on July 1, 2012; superseded by the former simulation KMVT-DT2.

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The CW and Media General Announcement of Long-term Partnership Agreements". Returned on July 14, 2016.

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