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Processing Credit Cards Partner Program

Companies on the planet that runs e-commerce (and most that don't) have to accept credit cards. DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION HOW TO BECOME A PARTNER RESELLER? One of the strengths of this program is its simplicity. Join us and see what our partner program can do for you, be it Internet, Mobile or Retail Merchant Services, we have the right solution for you! Become part of our credit card processing sales team.

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Affiliate registration is completely free and easy to setup. They could refer companies to us in less than 24hrs and earn their first commission in less than 7D, and thereafter every week. Our services can help you earn a significant revenue stream and add value to your incumbent audiences.

When you are an writer, B2B salesperson, blogger, business owner, advisor, educator, entrepreneur, professional, public speaker, social media marketer or you have a large network that influences you, then you merit deserving to make more of your speaking engagements, your commitment and your relations. Begin today to make more from your audiences!

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One of the strengths of this program is its ease of use. To recommend a retailer and receive your recommendation reward, the retailer must be rated as a "qualified lead". A person is a trader who has a running or founding a running company and has to accept credit card or wants to switch the credit card processor.

Talked to the retailer and told them that you could direct them to a credit card processing firm. Trader accounts must be opened and processed and must be open for at least 30 trading day.

Partner Program for Partners

Providing you with the tool and resource for your sales, CRM, technical assistance, and client care with the confidence to work with a trusted marketer. And your recommendations get accelerated approvals, 24/7 assistance, no contract or annual/termination charges, and lower total cost of ownership.

Sign up now and earn extra income!

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It is your responsibility to review, acknowledge and abide by all of the provisions of this Agreement. WITNESSETH: Considering that the Agent would like to assume certain tasks and responsibility for the commercialization of CC Merchant Card Services. Therefore, taking into account the reciprocal commitments and the provisions therein, the Contracting parties hereby reach the following agreement:

1. Unless otherwise stated and the circumstances do not clearly require it, the following concepts shall have the following meaning in all parts of this Agreement. a) "Agent" means its successor, authorised assignee, subsidiary, affiliated company, principal, officer, director, employee and representative. b ) "Card" means (i) a credit or debit card in good standing as licensed by Visa U.S.A., Inc. or Visa International, Inc.

c) "Card Association" means Visa U.S.A. Inc. MasterCard International, Inc. or other card issuers providing credit card services that the merchant accepts in consultation with the bank and BSP (Bankcard Service Provider). d ) "cardholder" means the name of the holder printed on the front of the card. e ) "Gross turnover" means the aggregate value of card transactions for a given timeframe made by an individual merchant and presented to a member bank for processing and retrieval.

f ) "Member Bank" means any member of Visa and/or MasterCard who has CC as its representative for the provision of Merchant Card Services. g ) "Merchant" means any Contracting Partner invited by the Contractor to conclude a Merchant Agreement with the CC and a Member Bank as a consequence of such invitation. h ) "merchant account" means a dedicated and one-of-a-kind bank holding number set up by CC for the purpose of processing a merchant's card transactions.

i) "Merchant Agreement" means all agreements in force between and by CC, a member bank and an entity requested by the Agent under this AGREEMENT and includes all requests necessary to determining whether an entity will be approved as a Dealer. a) "Merchant Card Service" means the processes associated with the receipt, processing and confiscation of Transactions on CC's part by Merchants.

k ) "Merchant Program" means the processes, guidelines and methods specified by a member bank for CC for the processing and execution of card transactions for merchant. Merchant Program Standards" means the documented guidelines and processes that may be laid down from the Member Bank and CC from and to time to regulate the operation of the Merchant Processing Program, in particular the credits and benchmarks used by the Agent in recruiting potential Merchant, as well as guidelines and processes to assure that relations with Merchant are satisfying and that the Merchant Program is kept secure and solid from a financial point of view.

For the purposes of this Agreement, "Rules" shall mean the laws and procedures of the Card Associations, as they may periodically appear, and the laws and procedures of any debt service provider or of any branch or agent of the Federation or of any of the Laender which is responsible for the operations of any member bank, CC or agent. n ) "Seller" or "Seller" means those persons who have been designated and are administered by the Agent to attract and subscribe dealers to CC under the conditions of this Agreement.

o ) "Transaction" means any sales of or credit for goods or provision of a service by a merchant for which the Client pays by using a card and which is presented to a member bank for debt recovery. 1. 1 Agency responsibility for merchandising. Agents must be able to pinpoint potential dealers who they believe comply with the merchant program standards.

2. There are 2 dealer program defaults. The Contractor shall scrupulously and rigorously adhere to the Merchant Program Standard for all potential Merchant and Merchant Contracts and acknowledge that CC or its Member Bank may modify or otherwise modify these Standard at any times and from time to time to maintain the merchant program's security and solidity.

The contractor hereby undertakes to agree to and comply with all such changes and additions. Use of dealer contracts 3. Agents may only use the merchant contract type that has been authorized by CC for use of the Agents within the merchant program. Agents may not make any changes or changes to a dealer agreement without the express permission of CC.

The CC retains the right to modify or supplement the Merchant Agreement to be used by the Contractor in any way, incorporating changes in the bank rates, merchant transactions charges and any other merchant charges due. Authorisation of dealer contracts 4. Affiliate agrees that all merchant agreements must be authorized by CC and/or the Affiliate Bank at its own option and will only become valid upon such authorization.

Therefore, the Agent will neither make a commitment to a potential merchant nor leave any indication that his merchant agreement will be accepted by the member bank before it is reviewed and accepted. In addition, the Agent recognises that all facets of the Merchant Program are managed and authorised by CC and/or the Member Bank and the Agent will not make any representation to the contrary. 2.

Contractor may distribute the Merchant Program only to trusted and legitimate companies and in accordance with the standards of the Merchant Program and this Agreement. In addition, CC will promptly provide CC with written notice of any detrimental information received by CC with respect to a Merchant, which may include information about a Merchant's trading position, the use of cards for purposes other than paying for the legitimate selling of goods and providing a service, changes in the Merchant's trading policy, or any type of goods or provision of a service, or any other information with respect to the Merchant that would materially affect the Merchant's ability to comply with the conditions of its Merchant Agreement.

Agents may only use advertising and publicity material that has obtained CC's previous permission in writing. The Contractor must verify that the material complies with the rules, standards of the Dealer Program and this Agreement before filing any material for such permission. However, unless this Section applies to Merchant's own marketed material that does not refer to the Merchant Program or the rendering of any service that is not governed by the rules of the Card Association, this Section shall not govern the Merchant's use of such material.

The contractor shall be accountable for the full cost of complying with this Agreement and, except as provided in Section 3.2, CC shall in no way be obliged to refund to the contractor any expenditure it incurs in relation to this Agreement. In addition, the Contractor shall be exclusively accountable for whether the costs of a Seller are paid and shall be exclusively accountable for such payments.

The CC shall be liable for the costs and attorneys' attorneys' fees CC incurs in relation to the preliminary verification of all contracts, promotional material and other documents suggested by the Contractor in relation to the Dealer Program. n Recommendation shall be considered accepted for the purpose of this Agreement only if the linked merchant?s forty-five day bank accounts remain open.

An agent who recommends 20 or more recommendations every months may elect to earn 50% of the sales generated by CC for all agent referral resellers authorized by CC. For the purposes set forth herein, "Revenue" shall mean the aggregate receipts actually earned by CC for each vendor holding account referenced by the CC, less exchanges, charges, estimates, banking charges and other real charges or charges payable to or subtracted from the CC's suppliers and processing companies; if for any cause CC does not earn income for a vendor referenced by the CC, no payment shall be due to the CC for that vendor.

Representatives do not earn remuneration for self-assessments, which means that if the representative is an estate manager, manager or staff member of a remitted retailer, no remuneration is given to the representative for that retailer's recommendation. b. Losses. Ensure 1 Regulatory and procedural adherence. Authorized representatives undertake to observe the guidelines and processes of CC and the member bank as well as the regulations.

The Contractor consents that CC, the Member Bank, the Card Associations and any national or state regulator responsible for the Member Bank or CC may from period to period change or review their relevant regulations, guidelines and practices. Contractor hereby undertakes to adopt and comply with all such changes and modifications within ten (10) working days following the date of such changes (or immediately if changes and modifications apply to the Regulations and call for immediate compliance).

4. Two merchant finds. Affiliate agrees that all monies disbursed to or by Affiliates in conjunction with the Affiliate Program are under the exclusive supervision of CC Member Bank. Clause 1 The Assistant assures and guarantees CC as follows: a) The Contractor shall have full powers and authorities to carry out, supply and carry out this Agreement.

Nothing in this Contract shall be in derogation of any obligation of Contractor under any statute or other arrangement (of any kind or nature whatsoever) to which Contractor is or shall be otherwise be bound.

b ) Except in the case of a private enterprise, the contractor shall be properly organised, authorised and well-respected under the law of the State of its organisation and shall be entitled to do so in any other State in which the conduct of the contractor's affairs, comprising the commercialisation of the commercial programme, would require or require such authorisation.

The Agent shall not, without the express permission of CC in writing, cause or allow any of its officers, representatives, principals, affiliated companies, subsidiary companies, distributors (including sales personnel) or any other natural or legal persons (i) to request or make proactive Merchant Card Services available to any merchant named by CC; ii ) request or otherwise induce a merchant to cease its membership in the Merchant Program; or iii) request or commercialize merchant card services to a merchant already directly or indirectly provided by CC, whether or not such services are provided under the conditions of this Agreement.

Clause 1 shall supersede any notice of cancellation of this covenant. The contractor shall not seek to evade any relationship that CC may have with any processor, bank or other company established by or engaged in with CC. Agents may not make any arrangements or do anything with any company established by or reviewed with CC without the express permission in writing of CC.

This Agreement shall have an original duration of six (6) month starting from the date mentioned above. The Agreement shall thereafter be extended for a further six (6) month extension unless either of the parties gives thirty (30) calendar days notice to the other that it does not wish to extend the Agreement.

Neither of the parties has the right to cancel this agreement at any moment if: b ) The other becomes (i) bankrupt; (ii) defaults or does not discharge its liabilities in the normal course of doing business when they fall due; (iii) bankrupt, liquidator, liquidator, receiver, sequestrator, seizure or settlement, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, in favour of a creditor.

For any significant delay of the Agent with regards to its obligation to abide by the regulations, CC may immediately cancel this Agreement. At CC's option, such cancellation may be made after receipt of prior notification in writing to the contractor, without prejudice to the remedy provision set forth in Section 7 of this Agreement.

Where Visa, MasterCard or any governmental or state regulator responsible for the object of this Agreement requires either CC or the Member Bank to cease or substantially change the Merchant Program, either of the parties may, in its absolute judgment, cancel this Agreement by giving prior notification in writing to the other of the parties, in which case none of the parties shall be considered in delay as a result of such cancellation.

The Contractor shall be at liberty to further obtain remuneration in accordance with Clause 8. Should the contractor violate this agreement, CC shall have no further obligation to compensate for damage pursuant to clause 8.1. Upon the Agent's failure to comply with Clause 6, the Agent shall, at CC's request, indemnify CC for an amount equivalent to the income that CC would have obtained if the agent had not violated this Agreement, inclusive of the income that the Agent would have obtained as a consequence of the Agent's failure to comply with Clause 6.

CC's prerogatives under this Section are in supplement to any other prerogatives CC may be entitled to under this Agreement or otherwise by statute or equitable process. Either of the Parties agrees that it may directly or indirectly share information about its trade secrets, policies, processes by which it conducts its activities and other sensitive information of a commercial or technical nature (including, but not limited to, information obtained from third persons and the Card Associations) (the "Confidential Information") with the other in the course of the negotiations and execution of this Agreement.

None of the Sensitive Information revealed herein shall become the exclusive ownership of the revealing partner (or any other third party), and the recipient has no interest in or right relating thereto, except as stated herein. Either of the parties undertakes to handle such sensitive information with the same diligence and assurance with which it handles its most sensitive information.

Either of the parties may share such confidential information with any employee or agent who may need such information to provide any service under this Agreement. Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, neither of the parties may divulge the other party's confidential information to any third parties without the disclosure party's previous agreement in writing, and the secrecy established by this Section shall continue to apply after this Agreement is terminated.

a) Contractor shall release CC, its officers, representatives or member banks from any losses, liabilities, damages, penalties or expenses (including attorneys' and defence fees) they sustain or may sustain if (i) Contractor fails to meet the conditions of this Agreement; (ii) any guarantee or assurance given by Contractor is incorrect or deceptive; (iii) any assurance or assurance given by Contractor to any third party not expressly approved by this Agreement.

b ) The contractor shall inform CC of any claims or impending claims of which it becomes aware and which may result in a compensation application under this Section 9.2. Either of the parties acknowledges and accepts that in the case of any act of the other which, in the reasonably exercised opinion of the non-breaking parties, will result in an act of fact or impending infringement of this Agreement, the non-breaking party's legal remedies shall be, in accordance with the applicable laws or equitable procedures, and shall be without limitation, any express or implied remedy for any such act or act or for any failure to act, or both, and all such acts shall be combined.

There is no intention on the part of CC to enter into any explicit or tacit work agreement with the Agent or the Vendors, and the Agent makes no representation to the contrary. the Agent will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense arising out of or in connection with the use of the Agent or the Vendors. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as superseded or an excuse for any violation shall be given, unless such supersedence or approval is in written form and shall be executed by the person alleged to have surrendered or agreed.

The agreement of one of the parties to an infringement by the other whether explicit or implicit, or the renunciation thereof, does not represent an agreement to another or successive infringement. Without CC's previous agreement in writing, the Agency may not transfer, sub-contract, delegate, licence, grant franchises or in any way seek to expand rights or obligations under this Agreement to any third parties.

As CC deems appropriate, it may change this Agreement from timeto-period without prior notification. The Contractor shall agree and agree to be provided with all communication, messages, notices, disclosure, agreement and document by e-mail. Agents undertake to keep an eye on their incoming e-mails together with their spamming or junk-mail folders for such messages. Section titles in this Agreement are for convenience only and do not in any way alter the spirit or spirit of this Agreement.

It may be concluded in one or more opposite parts, each of which is considered to be an originals and which together form one and the same musical device. Section 12: Total contract; liability. To the fullest extent permitted by law, this License, which includes all timetables, items and facilities, represents the complete understanding as well as the terms of each party's agreements with regard to the object of this License.

The present agreement is legally valid and applies only to the advantage of the contracting partner and its successor and assignee. No part of this Agreement, either expressly or tacitly, is designed or shall be construed as conferring any right or remedy under or under this Agreement to any person or entity not covered by this Agreement.

The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the State of Florida and the state and federal courts sitting in Broward County, Florida, shall have sole jurisdiction over any actions brought by either party. If the Contractor initiates legal proceedings against CC and CC wins such legal proceedings, CC shall be authorized to obtain from the Contractor the appropriate attorneys' fee and expenses from CC.

Below the agents waive their right to a court case by the panel of judges. No representation or warranty is made or implied by this Agreement, Section 7. 2, 9. 1 and 9. 2 shall remain in force even after this agreement has been terminated.

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