Create your Banner

Make your banner

A banner ad is a simple ad that matches a specific slot on a web page or application. T. Design custom banners online at a great price! Do you have the Facebook banner blues? The first thing visitors see when they land on your Facebook page is your Facebook banner.

In order to create a banner, please follow these steps:

Creating a customized banner

You can also choose some premade topics, such as mosaic, where you can post an uploaded picture that will appear in the banner. In addition, with Pro Unlimited and higher level layouts, you can use CSS to customize each topic with its own banner picture. Many banner pictures begin with a wallpaper or logotype that is manipulated to contain the headline and keywords of a blogs.

Or you can use a picture that is yours or look for a free picture. Next thing to do is adjust your picture to the right width and sizing. They can use an on-line picture treatment program, like e.g. Free on-line picture editors, or picture treatment routines, like e.g. Photoshop, which can be on your computer installs.

On the basis of the information provided when selecting the banner item dimensions, determine the width you want your banner to have. Please take this into account when you create your banner picture. We recommend a banner of 200-250 px high. An amount of more than 2x250px can cause your contributions to be placed below the crease, so your reader will need to scan to see the latest feed.

Next, you can trim your picture to give it a more banner-like look. Next append text to the banner. If you click on the "T" in the online picture editor above your picture in the menue, the text editing bar appears. Then you should store the picture on your harddisk in a place where you can find it later.

We recommend 240ppi banner images. Remember that the picture should be stored in JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG formats. If you want to include the banner with the themes built in a weblog, go to Design > themes built in. To open the option, click the Text or Picture heading and choose to use an picture.

Then click the Browse to find the picture on your computer. Click on the bottom of the page on Change to store the new banner picture. To view the Mosaic and Chroma topics, go to Design > Banner, click Browse to find the banner picture on your computer, and click Submit Changes.

With the Pro unlimited and Business Class drawings, you can use Custom CMS to incorporate a banner picture into any topic. There are more refinements in the addition of a banner to a predefined topic item.

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