Create Amazon Associate Account

Amazon Partner Account Creation

Then fill in the "Registration" form by entering your access data and clicking on "Create account". Request an Amazon Associates account. Get more out of your Amazon Associates account. Amazon Associates Program offers a variety of easy-to-use tools for creating affiliate links. When you create more than one account, expect to be suspended immediately.

Create an Amazon Associate (Amazon Affiliate) Account

To request an Amazon affiliate account, you need a website that you can use with your Amazon login. It can be a basic blogs website. And if you don't have a website, please view our web site creation tutorial to create a website that you can use when requesting an Amazon affiliate account.

As soon as you have a website, go to the Amazon affiliate website for your own partner, e.g. com/ and click Subscribe Now. Then you will need to login with your regular Amazon account. First, you can select your favorite affiliate day - this is the day you will use in URLs to make commissions, so select something that is important for your shop, e.g. my shop sold board games, so I typed board games into the favorite day.

Choose a category - I chose contents and alcove because my shop has a blogs in it. The next page will give you your Employee ID, which is a variant of the previously specified favorite day that you must put into your shop.

Sometimes when you request an amazon Affiliate Account, your request will be declined. Usually this is due to insufficient contents, if this happens to you, don't be afraid. It is possible to reapply, but instead of specifying your Fresh Store, we will create a WordPress page and use it in our game.

1) Go to and click "Create Website". 4 ) This display gives you the opportunity to purchase a domainname instead of using, but since we only create this page to get an Amazon-affiliate account, we simply browse down and click "No Thanks".

As this is a free account, we will select beginners. Now you are forwarded to the WordPress administration area. 7 ) You will see the Hello World blogs on the right - this is a example mail that we can remove, so click on Cancel. 8 ) You are now set to add contents to your blogsite.

Since we want to finish this as soon as possible, we will not be writing contents, but using ArticleCity.Com. 12) Go back to your WordPress page.

We' ve now released our first blogs, but before you post them to Amazon you should post a few more. If you have post a few blogs, you can now sign up for the Amazon Partner Programme again.

Already have an Amazon affiliate account? Would you like to create an Amazon Affiliate Tracking ID? Would you like to include your Amazon Affiliate Tracking ID in your shop? Would you like to create Amazon Application Programming Interface (API) keys?

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