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See the best CPS affiliate networks. Grow your revenue by changing your offers, not your traffic with some of the highest industry payouts through our powerful affiliate CPS and CPA network. Earning a percentage of the sale, the affiliate would have to run a campaign. As a rule, affiliate networks offer the "pay-per-sale" business model and have done so from the outset. We are a global affiliate network working on various affiliate programs.

Top 20 Affiliate Marketing CPS Networking

The 20 best Affiliate Marketers CPS Network come from the Online Advertising BLUE BOOK Blue Ribbon Awards 2012. They are the best Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) networking solutions selected by the staff of Online Advertising BLUE BOOK. Affiliates establish hyperlinks on their website to the advertiser's website and then receive payment for each purchase made through the hyperlink provided.

The CPS marketing is done quite often for websites like Amazon and EBay. Below is a shortlist from the Blue Ribbon Awards 2012 of the Online Advertising Blue Book. Those businesses are number one in their sector for costs per sale marketing. With your voice you tell us who you think is the best Affiliate Marketing CPS Network for 2012.

Best-of-Breed CPS Affiliate Networking

Top Affiliate Networking. Top CPS Affiliate Network. See the best CPS affiliate networking. One of the most rapidly expanding performing markets in the business, Paysale focuses on emerging brand names and enables publishing companies to optimise on-line content and use client canvases. The Paysale Group provides a full line of service, our industries are: e-commerce, matchmaking and dating, websites etc..

  • View more than 700 specials. - well thought-out assistance.... Everyonead is one of the largest and most seasoned affiliate network working in the Wellness & Wellness marketplace. We have six years of experience in creating conversion quotes for each market, so EPC is always ultrahigh by standard. Working with high-value ticketing and great value deals slots (nutrition, dermatology, healthcare and wellness, vitamin and supplementation, adults, etc.), we are launching over 5 new deals each months.

Although, all actual deals do not expire and can be used for years, so you can ride the traffics on them for a long period of your life and still get a steady revenue. Join the Affiliate CPA Network ?1 - leadbit.com! Our own services are available in over 50 European, Asian and CIS states.

Please tell us what we have to offer. There are also special deals with different conversions that you can use immediately: It is a fast-growing and evolving network of CPAs. The strongly focussed topic of offerings on finance income (foreign exchange, binaries, bit coins, mining), amusement and gaming (casino, bets, dating) makes it possible to monetise all vertical effects of vertical flows of incoming visitors.

24/7 Affiliate Bookkeeping Own 24/7 e-mail convenient and accurate stats on all your equipment. Open API Domain Parking Weekly fee to (Webmoney, Capitalist, Epayments, Skrill, Wire) Increase fees for 40+ true trafficked affiliate and 300+ advertiser and 300+ offer.... The TopOffers is the Premium Network of CPAs, which offer exclusively and extreme high level content from the best publisher.

More than 50 country cover, high EPC, excluding Web/Mob/App offerings allow us to maximise your profits. com ... aditad is a worldwide network of cost-per-action affiliate programmes that provides marketers with trusted revenue streams and publisher new businesses to monetise revenue. Although we will continue to innovate and achieve a clear return on investment for each individual customer, we currently have over 1300 internationally recognised brand names and more than 540,000 current editors.

Our network, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, already has seven branches all over the world. This network has used its worldwide reach to develop itself unique.... A truly multinational network with very high mean percentages of fees. Provision of a customized graphical and user friendly environment and over 2000 partner program.

This is one of the oldest network, with a large number of lucky publisher. Well-known network for signage with probably the largest affiliate program basis at the moment (over 70,000). The AdWork Media is a performance marketing network that provides web publishing companies with the ability to lock in and monetise revenue from their web marketing efforts.

The Impact Radius is a relatively new network operated by sector vets. Superb own technology that deals with the most common affiliate marketers issues. AffiliateWire, a department of RevenueWire, is your network for desktops to download, subscribe, digital goods and more. The LinkConnector network is recognised as a premier affiliate marketer and is searched by Internet Retailer Top 500 retailers, top brand names and exceptional associates in all segments.

Driven by today's advanced electronic trading, avangate solves the complexities of on-line trading, subscriptions and payment transactions for software, SaaS and on-line service businesses. Supported by a trusted and trusted clampoud foundation, unsurpassed knowledge, and a variety of value-added offerings, avangate is helping CEOs find the quickest way to generate revenues, maximizing each customer's value, and expanding worldwide coverage.

UK network with global coverage and pay-per-click available. + Lot of big names like American Express and Dell have affiliate programmes in Tradedoubler. The CPS affiliate network that has been here for a very long while. Many well known products in our range. Extremely appealing network with a persuasive pro-user approach.

This is a non-traditional affiliate network that develops its own product, identifies stakeholders and focuses on e-commerce. As a result, they bring the highest AUV value to marketers, and publisher companies benefit from a proprietary approach to monetizing their on-line assets. The Olavivo network is a boutique-affiliate network focused on e-commerce, health and beauty and cryptocurrencyticals.

This network provides commitment, visibility and unparalleled technology skills with the highest levels of individual and expert customer care. PrimeOffers is the Premium Network of CPAs, which provides premium services and extreme traffic from the best publisher. Affiliate2Day Messenger is a premier affiliate network that provides its affiliates with highly rewarding programmes with high fees, periodic payment, free registrations, premium branding products and expert technical assistance.

+ Live stats with Affiliate2Day's online affiliate trading system Identification of Affiliate2Day. In order to be able to participate inĀ other programmes, a affiliate must open new account(s). AddSenceMedia is one of the top Affiliate Networks in the industry. Are you looking for top paysouts, the best exclusives hotspots, personalized service and unprecedented affiliate service, then you should work with us.

The ANN Network is India's best affiliate network with exclusively offered CPAs! With our own in-house technologies, we have created AdCombo as a marketing network for your own individual ad marketing strategy to target your global audiences. The InvolveAsia is an e-commerce affiliate network that constantly provides active campaigning.

An energetic Nordic network with truly multinational coverage, multilingual softwares and multilingual technical assistance. Expert mobi is the affiliate network focusing on mobiles, subscription, Android and ISP installations. Czar Media Mobi's worldwide coverage and trafficking of iPhone and Android enabled it to provide compelling tariffs and ROI for operators.

The CueLinks is a 2-minute content monetization utility for Blogger, Deal Site Owner, Voucher Site, Forums Owner or Publisher, or actually Web site that send Web site visitors off to on-line purchases, travels, finance or marriage Web pages. Since its inception in 2006, UpForIt Networks has focused its operations on the creation and maintenance of high-quality occasional, specialty dating companions.

We' ve evolved into a 12 million plus member organization, a tens of subscription-based real estate companies and a beloved affiliate network. Dowbleresults.com is a well established affiliate marketer network. India's most rapidly expanding and beloved affiliate network is PayOOM. PayOOM offers e-commerce services with a broad array of performance management services.

It is a multinational digital asset management firm that supports brand acquisition through selective purchases of consumer assets, both digital and on-premise. The Affiliate Future was established on this basis to offer its subscribers a cost-effective way to generate new revenue. To be at the top of performance-based AF is the best way to understanding this path that allows us to optimize our clients' programs and connect them to the right companies at the right people.

AF's staff prides itself on the level of services we offer, combined with unsurpassed expertise and unlimited dedication to market our customer programs in secure and trustworthy hands. Our customers can be assured that they will receive the best possible support. The Epom Affiliate Network is an affiliate recruiting tool that enables publisher to find the renowned brand names and marketers they want to work with.

This network provides comprehensive assistance in searching for and placing advertisements within the publisher's website and/or applications. Worldwide Performance Network has more than 850 world wide deals and +6,900 super partners. This is one of the oldest affiliate network with headquarters in the Greater China area and an international orientation. Lots of special deals and local deals for China.

The ClickDealer is a global performance marketing agency that specializes in cost-per-action marketing initiatives (CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, CPS) and provides world-class service for the growing e-commerce market.

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