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Yes, registration is possible for all, individuals and professionals of Cpm Affiliation. The CPM Affiliation is an advertising agency that pays CPM all visits to your website. CPM Affiliation is an advertising agency that pays you to Cost Per Mil (CPM) every visit to your website. The CPM is an advertising model that focuses on brand visibility and brand awareness.

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Yes, it is possible for everyone, whether individual or professional, to register with Cpm Affiliation. Do I have more than one website, do I set up more than one Cpm Affiliation affiliate affiliation accoun? You can have a unique bank in order to administer all your sites. All you have to do is add each website to your site profile. Which advertising sizes are available on Cpm Affiliation?

How high is the update ratio of my stats? Live for maximal transparency of your Cpm. Our ads are from all over the globe and are shown according to the position of your visitors. Yeah, sure, when you hit 50 on your Cpm Affiliation Moneyount. You can cancel a payment if you hit 50 on your bankroll.

As a rule, you will receive your payment by the fifteenth of the following day of the week. Sites for adults are permitted ? Does it work to update the banner automatic? It is not permitted to update your tag automaticly, it is necessary for real users to perform a refreshment. Can I place Cpm tag on my site, my site is an ad serving site?

What is the permitted number of tag per page? Is the use of Auto-Surf permitted? Any artificial growth of website activity is prohibited, under punishment of termination of account and winnings.

Advertisers must be seen. Advertisement is not displayed with these units.

Membership in CPM

The CPM Affiliation is an ad agent that will pay CPM all your website traffic. Regardless of the location of the visitor and the number of pages viewed, CPM will pay you the entire billboard advertisement. It is a large ad house that gives you 10 Euro bonuses from your sign-up to your website.

And the website has eight different ad formats. Cpm Affiliation makes every endeavor to ensure that you reach your potential clients in the best possible way. They announce from 1 Euro and from 0,01 Euro of the CPM with a possible addressing of your audience by categories of locations, geo-localization, gear and/or operating system.

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