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Constantly new offers are added. In order to keep up with the latest offers including CPC campaigns, make sure you open an affiliate account. As a CPA network, we offer you a low-cost service and ensure that only the best partners take advantage of your offers. Adwords is a good example of a CPC advertising network. No matter whether you use an affiliate network like CJ or ShareASale or find a super partner who has publishing partners, CPC is fast.


This kind of advertising gives the advertisers the opportunity to get visitors to a selected website and only get paid if there are recorded hits on the created parts of the advertising campain. Click rates vary according to the messages and form of the ad placement. With CPC we provide lead generating campaigns:

Sopexa, in collaboration with SmartResponse, has created a Rivesalte wines brand-name advertising initiative using a CPC award. Sequential 1:1 emails, a special contest site that collects e-mail and text link information from various SmartResponse network mailinglists, were used to generate segmentated campaigns. 1:1 mails: Hosting page/microsite on which the e-mail authorization is collected:

With SmartResponse?, who conducts CPC marketing around 1to1 mails?

Mischmarekt affiliate network

AdLabs is part of the AdLabs group of groups and has been involved in the development of affiliate branding in Russia since 2005! Mix-CPC - CPC Werbedienst; Mix-?PA - Cooperation Agency for the Promotion of CPC; Mix-CPC is an promotional CPC solution ideally suited for on-line stores.

Misch CPA is an affiliate program that allows you to generate an affiliate program with the following pay models: CPL (Cost Per Lead) - Pay ing per order forms with details of the prospective purchaser; CPS (Cost Per Sale) - Pay ing per closed transaction, it can be a set charge or a selling rate.

Over 300 listings in our catalogue; Over 20,227 site managers; 46,454 sites in our network; 777 marketers selected us this year; around 10,000,000,000 items in our catalogue! - Huge basis of promotional sites and it continues to grow; - The technological foundation for creating an affiliate programme; - Providing your affiliate programme with professional assistance and technology; - Automated and manually controlled visitor flow to protect against fraud; - Free advice from affiliate marketers.

Our big benefit is CPA-based retargeting! With the exception of promotional sites, we are attracting traffics from the world' top ad networks: Media Network, Direct Advert, Begun, Betweendigital and many more. In addition, we are producing an automatic revenue buy from ad nets and RBTPs. We' re really good at getting back people from all of our Teaser and Trading back home markets - where it's not profitable for advertisers to work directly on a CPC-base.

  • Over 30% revenue growth through algorithms to select the most appropriate products; - More than 6000+ high-quality sites on the network; - Integrate with teasers, trading network and the biggest SSP; - More than 50 million web surfers - we know their purchasing habits! A key advantage is that we offer our marketers the opportunity to work with returns based on our own brand of products (not CPC), i.e. we take all risk on ourselves and marketers could only afford to spend on real revenue.

It' a fairly new approach to the Retargeting business and now our primary concern is to work with Big Data.

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